Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sixth Senses

Sixth Senses
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 25 July 2019

What If

What if you could pick up so many more things then most. What if you could meet someone and directly feel if they are good or bad kind. What if you felt if someone needed your help, or if someone had a very bad day. What if you picked up things that seeing body language wouldn’t pick up as easily. What if you were not taught deeper body language skills yet you KNEW things about others. If you talked with someone over the phone and something felt off. Or you met someone and without them giving a reason you knew their inner turmoil and pain?
Welcome to the world of the psychics, empaths and yes psychic vampires.

The Five Senses

You probably learned this is school. The five most basic senses.
Touch, what you feel as you touch it or something touches you. The cold wind blows over you, the brush of heat against you, the textures of paper under your fingers.
Taste, what you eat, the basic tastes. As your nose is used for the fines “tastes.” A very basic natural system on your tongue of receptors that make sure that what you eat is safe. 
Sight, what you see, some see better in the dark then others, some require glasses to correct focus. And some are colorblind.
Hearing, what you hear. From the rough thumping of a mechanical jackhammer to the delightful air in a good piece of music. And again, some people have sharper hearing, some worse.
Smell, a very useful skill to not only know if your food is still safe to eat. But also will pick up other dangers. There are also scents that draw you in, fresh strawberries for instance. Or the rich smell of a well-made pizza.

I am happy we got the basics out of the way. A vampire, empath or psychic probably has sharper senses, but that isn’t always true. Many things we sense are a combination of senses anyway, the experience of eating is both smell, feel and taste. And even sight, a burger that is colored blue with food coloring will taste worse. Though, the food coloring has no real taste. Our brains will have decided that blue meat tastes worse.
Everything we do is subjective, humans are very subjective, to the point that each of us sees colors slightly different. Or taste things slightly different, we have the same basic tools, but all combined slightly different experiences.
And that is only the Five Senses. Let's add the Sixth one.

The Sixth Sense

Some of us can smell your perfume from pretty far, that isn’t to strange. But also what you try to cloak with it and I don’t mean that you just had sex that morning. But the fears, pains and desires that go deeper. We pick up things behind the mask.
We KNOW  or FEEL things, without directly knowing why. When we meet you at first we KNOW just what you stand for, if you are a good person or not. This usually requires face2face or a more direct connection then a chatroom online though. Something to connect to the other person with. A picture, a voice or meeting up.
An Empath FEELS things, A Psychic KNOWS things, both to the same conclusion though.
Many of us see the future, as in, we pick up what might become a future. Future isn’t set, it is changeable. But if a person is dead set to do a certain thing that is bound to fail, you can predict just how hard they will hit that wall.
The curse of knowing more then you can explain is that it is very hard to explain to people why certain things are not going to work. Trust me, they won’t take, “It just won’t work.”
Because they want solid reasons, you got none, you got a feeling. So at most you can warn them based upon a feeling.
It is quite the shame seeing people crash their heads into walls. But life is a learning experience for everybody.

So, the psychic and/or psychic vampire will know things ahead of time. And the Empath will feel things that lie beyond the mask. Trying to bullshit any one of them a lot harder, just saying.

Empath and Psychics

They are a different breed in ways, reading different things but end up on the same point. They know more about you then you are willing to tell them. But don’t be afraid, many are nice and friendly.
The Empath, if they meet you or connect with you, can feel your energy. And pick up things like pain, emotions, desires and other things. Hazy as any of these skills but with training they can adjust their lives and help themselves and their friends. Or offer advice to people seeking it.
The Psychic can see beyond the veil and into the murky haze. Pick up hints here and there and can, in time, work together with the story how things connect. If in a reading with someone they can pick up important clues that can help said person to change the path for the better. Or warn them for trouble ahead. Help them make choices that in the future might pay off.
And the Psychic Vampire? Oh, that is a vampire that uses psychic methods to feed. And can expect to get psychic gifts in time. If you work with energy you learn to read it.

Knowing without Knowing

I think that the worse is Knowing without Knowing. The little hints you pick up, the feelings, the tastes. Given too little to show to others. You can give advice but without really having a hand full of cards to show why. If someone goes to a psychic they usually can work out things based upon the clues. The person asking for the reading might say that yes they got an aunt who is the black sheep of the family and so on. Binding clues to other clues leads to a bigger story that becomes more obvious as it grows. And yet remains hazy.
The future is changeable. All those who are sensitive to a part quickly learn this. Ever asked yourself why psychics and empaths tend to be a bit off and odd. Well if you live in a world of energy, between worlds almost, one gets a bit odd. You begin to understand the value of silence, of not saying things yet. To watch and see, to give advice in ways that elude just how you got to such advice.
As you listen the spirit world begins to aid you, give you hints, insights. And things become clearer and clearer. But through that you also drift just a bit away from the world you were born into. Some even so far that they can become the in between worlds. But there are prices to pay, this blog won’t go into them.

Honing Skills

One should train their skills both is getting better, knowing when to use them, how you can trust them. And of course how to take a breather of them. Ask any Empath after visiting a funeral how they feel, don’t expect great answers.
One can ground and test their skills. If one does Tarot readings and one has another witch/empath/psychic friends one can work together and talk with each other. Do weekly or monthly tarot readings for other friends and get their feedback on how things went. See how
If you get to connect with others within your realm do share events. Like reading tarot for the same person or situation and looking at how every reader ended up. Don’t worry if it seems you are wrong. Maybe you picked up something else. Or you didn’t get the right connection. Don’t push yourself too hard, not every day you are the sharpest.
If you are an empath and hook up with other energy workers. Ask them what they feel, see, experience. Not everybody picks things up in the same way after all. Some might taste things, or see things, or know things or hear voices.
There is no set path, no set training method, only way to get better is to do it. Experience grows on the vine, it takes time for it to grow.
So find some friends and get to work, take your time, write down all your experiences and what did went well and not well. What happened for a person after a reading and so on.

Trusting Skills

And in the end one should TRUST their own skills and gifts. As long as you feel that they are right and can be targeted and trained. Gifts like these can open many doors.
So what do you do with your skills? Well, this modern society might not always deem it useful. But who says you need to tell your parents, friends, boss and so on that you got these skills? You can use them in the shadows, most energy users work in the shadows. There are a few out in the open, but enough in the shadows. You don’t need to tell everyone, use it. If you get information there are many ways to use such information.
If you got a bad feeling about the new preacher, you probably can’t tell your parents that, they wouldn’t believe you. But you can tell that you don’t trust him. And once said preacher runs off with the church funds… well you were right.
You can help your friends with your insight, as long as they are willing to listen. You don’t even have to mention how you got said information. Just that you are not to sure or that yes they should go for it. Think of it how you should handle it when your best friend has a new love and said love is obviously bad news. Soft Touch!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Can You Turn Me Into A Vampire

Can you turn me into a Vampire
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 15-07-219

Can you turn me into a Vampire

Short answer: No
Long answer: Noooooo!
And to get to the point why the hell would you want to? What is it that draws you to Human Living Vampirism and what do you expect to get out of it. Why you feel that vampirism is for you and what you should know. So let's begin with this article.

Why do you want to be a vampire?

Whenever this question falls the big question back is, what is a vampire to you? Many people who ask this question seen a movie or read a book. Maybe they played a roleplay game with vampires, but that is all fun and games. But it is fun and games. And there is nothing wrong with Fun and Games but at a point, one has to accept that not all is gold that shines. IF movie vampires existed, just think of the implications. The number of dead people, the methods the vampire would have to use to stay hidden and unknown. Without knowing what makes a vampire and just what it means why do you even think it makes sense to ask to become one?
That and the question is if someone even can be made one. And if it is a process that is long term suggestible.

The Case Against Movie Style Vampires

There is a reason we don’t see unliving vampires around, those stories come from long ago when diseases and bug-bites could leave signs that others could see as vampiric. Humanity was in the cradle, the world around them was dangerous, a snake could poison you. You could get sick and die of an unknown disease. And animals could leave odd markings. Not to mention diseases like the many plagues, like the black plague and the people not understanding what happened once you died. These days we can see a dead body and can put how long it has been dead. In those days they dug up graves and found weeks old dead people who had been through early putrefaction. A bloody nasty mess! So that is how the movie and book vampire was born, sickness, danger, and undead. And that is European lore at it, the Asians got their own ghost and vampire stories.
These days we know a lot more, not to mention, cell phones and cameras. I don’t say we live in a sci-fi world where every move is traced yet, a lot is, but not everything! Bigger events like DEAD PEOPLE would be damn obvious.
Now there are people dressing up like the movie vampire, more power to them. If that makes them happy so be it! It certainly will draw attention and will be liked among the movie lovers. I am not against dressing up like one if you feel like that. But I don’t do it myself.
So what draws you to vampirism, or at least the movie/book kind? Look in the end, those books and movies are awesome. But be happy there are not dead bodies hunting and draining humans, we have already a lot of things that kill us. So… let's go further.

What is a real vampire

Now I am not an expert, I haven’t studied for 50 years. I am a member of the vampire community for close to 20 years. And yes a vampire, a human living one at it. Thanks for noticing that difference.
I haven’t seen it all. And I am sure there are things out there that I don’t know about. But I will get to the point that for this blog, a real vampire requires life energy, through blood or other means. They are living human beings with an energy problem, or a need to drink blood. The issues they have to deal with miraculously can be solved through feeding. Trust us, a good feed and suddenly most of it works again like it should. Nothing beyond what a human body is capable of, of course, we are living human beings. With all the limitations that come with that.
There are many vampires I know that have very common issues, and uncommon issues. Vampirism is one of the things they have/are. It is part of them as much as so many other things are. They can be mother, father, diabetic, pro sporter, musician, etc. They can be anything, and vampirism is only one of the things they are.

The Crap we deal with

So let's talk about the bad stuff, basics going, a need to feed. We need to feed to keep everything running just smoothly. Low on energy means we are less capable and efficient as most humans. And heal worse, and get sick easier, and have to deal a few side effects even worse. Certain issues with the stomach for instance. In my case, my stomach isn’t 100% nice. It can be sensitive to what I eat, but if I have fed well it is not as strong. If I haven’t fed for a while though, it is even more sensitive.
Also, we tend to become a bit more snappy at things. The skin thins so to say, low on energy we might not be the best people be around. Well fed through and we should be fine to be around.
And yes the sun, almost every vampire gets to deal with this. In lesser or worse, some even got skin conditions that make any short time exposure bad news. Luckily some of us have skin capable of handling it, but it always feels bad. I like clouded skies and nice overcast days. Those are the days I can walk outside without any protection or heavier clothing. Oh, speaking about, the sunglasses. I like autumn and winter, the need for sunglasses is mostly gone then. I dislike the middle of the summer though, how, pounding, heavy and I got a limited sun exposure. Even with my good skin.
So even with high energy we still deal with some negative side effects. Not sure why the medical tests tend to show that all is just fine. That blood-works is just fine. Nothing wrong. And yet we know it when we haven’t fed.
Most of us look very normal, you would walk right past us on the street. Sure there is a certain group that does follow an image more. And that is fine, many of us are in the background and you wouldn’t know we are vampires unless you can read energy. And most of us try to keep an as normal life as possible. After all, if we got kids, we want them to have a normal life.
I hope you notice that it is a lot less cool then you expected.
Also, vampirism isn’t really a thing doctors have medication or prescriptions for. So anything related to our vampirism needs to be, told to our doctor in such a way that our vampirism isn’t mentioned. As much as we try to get it more accepted, doctors tend not to accept it.
And if you get psionic sensitivity you begin to pick up things around you like crazy. Like multiple radio stations playing at the same time, sound fun? It doesn't! Have you ever listened to more than 5 radios at the same time on different channels? Learning how to tune things out is an important step for young vampires. At least those that get the psionic/empathic thing.
As enough vampires and you end up with a lovely list of medical issues that make you rethink the situation. I don’t say that vampirism causes those medical situations, but it certainly can help the vampire to feel better…or hinder the vampire with it.

The reality of a boring life

And lets talk about how boring life can be. Because welcome to a boring life. Not going to joke, you still need to go to school, get a job. Maybe you get children, find someone you love etc, real life will go on. Vampirism is only a small influence on this all. And we don’t even know if it is hereditary or not. A child might be born without it, or with it. Or might even be something else, the fun only starts in life. Vampirism as this blogs goes by doesn’t really make things swoony and interesting. More like, an extra thing you need to keep track off.

And I like boring life, drama is troubling, cloaks and daggers! A bit is fun but we all want a safe warm house with friend or/and family. Simple things that make one happy. But that is just me.

So why would you even want to be one?

So there we are, even if we could turn someone into one. Would you want that? The tricks and methods many vampires learn can be also learned by everybody else with certain gifts. And just think of how nice it is to not have to keep an eye on your feeding/energy levels just so you can function decently. It can be quite debilitating if you get to deep.
Also no flashy powers, no flight, not calling up spirit wolves and so on. Nor romantically sleeping in coffins and having to hunt humans every night to survive. Those movies, games, and books mean little. Instead just another boring person, or maybe not boring, with a few small extra problems.
We are stuck with something rather nasty. And that is our life. I don’t think you want to be one.