Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year 2019/2020

A Tiny Beginning

I wonder if I am ever going to write a book that sells. Definitely about vampirism, it is not a topic that is easy to put down on paper for it is an experience that is different for all of us, even if it has common causes. That and there is already some really good written stuff. The thing is, with stuff like vampirism a lot of lessons are keyed, I can’t explain or show it all… only vampires and energy sensitives truly understand what the words mean.
I began this blog to share little lessons, little insights, things that would help awakening vampires.
And though some months only had one post, some very late at it, and the views are expected for an unknown blog. The vampire community is not that big after all. I am happy with what it brought.

What this year Brought

First of all it seemed to have helped a few vampires. Given them ideas and made people interested in vampirism. I usually get an idea for a post around the time that someone needs something. Or I pick up that something can be connected. My latest piece, a vampire as healer for instance shows how a vampire isn’t always an evil and negative thing. 
The first postings were about grounding and shielding, very basic tools for any energy gifted person and more so for the vampire.
And it has drawn in a few people who were willing to help, with ideas, to proof read or were drawn to them.
So I think, for a simple blog like this, it done well. It has done its job.

What I hope next year to bring

I still am working on the idea to do small podcasts, a video maybe. Personally I love podcasts, great during travel, and a real vampire podcast would be pretty nice. Now I am just a simple person so, there will be a lot to learn. But hopefully this will work out and I get some content like that out.

Also I hope to work more with others. Get them as proof readers, do cross-blog postings when we talk about things that require more then one insight. And so on.

2020 seems to a year where such growth is possible.

Happy New Year wished and lets hope that 2020 will be a great year ahead.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Vampire as a healer

The Vampire as a Healer

Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 16-12-2019
With suggestions by: Xyenaq

The Vampire as a Healer

Quite an unorthodox position right, aren’t vampires all about taking? Aren’t they evil? True, the nature of the vampire requires them to take, but that doesn’t mean they always are the bad guys. See, there are different types of energy and some of it is good for people and some of it is bad.
And like poison in someone or rotting flesh… as long as it is in there it is dangerous. But very few would safely be able to draw it out… adding healing energy only does so much and it is a slow way to do things.
But what if there was someone that could draw the bad energy out and survive it?

Lets talk about Energy

As alluded to above, there is energy out there that can harm out or heal you. And even too much healing will be bad for you.. Stuff that makes one healthy and stuff that makes one sick. Energy in different balances and that at times can be very useful, and sometimes it is not very nice. Stuff that stays around when you are long in a bad location or among people who cause a lot of trouble.
Lightworkers might see it as a dark heavy energy. And each of us will pick up some negative energy as we go through the day. But usually we get rid of it… usually.
But if someone is very spiritually hurt or lives in a situation where there is very little positive to go. Where there is a lot of spiritual poison going around. Where they are mentally, physically and spiritually hurt… the nasty energy can grow and grow and grow. With so little light and so much bad… it does gets worse.
At a point, a person might have a lot of bad energy in them, a lot of poison!

Psychic Vampire Energy Transmutation

Here is where the psychic vampire, the much feared being comes in. Many energy workers… don’t like getting close to the poison. And drawing it out and handling it can make them also sick. This to a point also goes for the psychic vampire, such is true.
But a psychic vampire can handle bad energy a lot better. Many psychic vampires can easily feed on bad energy. It is as if they have an Iron Stomach for the stuff. They can naturally transmute or treat the bad energy in ways to make it clean and usable. At least to them and with the right mind also to others.
The ability to purify energy comes natural to a psychic vampire. At least one with a few years of energy training, be it self trained or not.
What I am saying is, that what poisons others, can much safer be handled by vampires who are used to negative energies. The Yin and Yang, both sides of creation, light and shadow. Call it what you want, if you got a really bad case you need someone that can cut the rot out of the wound. A psychic vampire with enough experience might just be the doctor you are looking for.

In and Out

As written above, just trying to slowly replace bad energy with good can take a long while. So… this is where the vampire comes in. They, being able to survive a lot of bad energy, can draw out and unblock the patients a lot safer.  Such can get the energy flowing again and make place for fresh new rejuvenating energy. They even can transmute part of the bad energy into clean clear energy. It is of course, for the safety of the person, and healers a process that can’t go too fast. Transmutation is not a simple process after all.
But I know it has been done before. And it works!


And spoken about that word, transmutation, changing A into B. If there is something trained psychic vampires can is taking energy in one state and changing it into another. To some it comes as if it is inborn, to others they require some training and tricks. But many psychic vampires can put energy in A and change it into another getting out of B.
In the above case, draining the bad energy and working on the energy in such a way that it is harmless in the end. Through an adjusted way of filter feeding.
To the point that the energy might not even enter you but it dealt with in an external box you create for it. An energy device made for one cause… take in energy, filter and cleanse, burn off the negative stuff and release the cleaner energy. And a tip: hooking it up so it feeds itself. Some of the energy is burns/uses will keep it working.


So now you have the theory down. How to get it in practice? First of all you need to find energy workers who are neutral to vampires. Second of all they need to understand our seemingly natural abilities and just what it can mean. And of course it requires the one situation that there is a patient so poisoned by nasty energy that this healing method is faster then As usual.
Also for the sake of the patient don’t go too fast at it. Opening energy flows can cause a lot of sudden pain, mental pain and memories to flow out. And it should be obvious that patients who get wounds uncovered need the right mental support too.
This is also why I highly suggest co-operation. Both the patient needs to know what is going to happen as the others.

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Power of Community

The Power of Communities

Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 7 December 2019

You are not alone

You are not alone, no matter what you have, what you have to deal with in life. No matter where you were born, how you grew up, what happened in your life. You are not alone! There are others like you, no matter you fate or what happened. There are others who have dealt or are dealing with the same.
The human species is a social species and you should understand there are others like you out there. Even if it is only recognition and being able to talk about things you can’t talk about to others…
It is natural to desire to get close to others that understand your situation. That go through the same. In our human society we tend to “tribe” up together with those that share certain things. Sociologists will tel you that we are still quite a tribal species. And that no matter with how many we live, we tend to draw to a limited group of people we call our tribe. No matter how big the city, how many thousands live in a small area. We always try to get together with equal minded.

The Power of Community

As pointed out, humans are social species. Even knowing that you are not alone can help you feel a lot better. And connecting with others like you and sharing your troubles and good times with them will make things much better.
Alone we can only do so much, deal with so much and all of us have weaknesses and strengths. It is when we work together, aid each other, offer hope an insight. That we can strive for more, many heads and hands make big events possible.
Being alone makes life a lot harder, that is obvious. Being with others can offer people who can help you up when you fail. That give you insight and teach you methods to make things work better. That help you cover up your weaker sides.
It also means that things you can’t do others might. And of course the same back to the other side. There is strength in being together and working together. Learning from the older members, gaining insight and at times just being able to talk to others like you.
But communities aren’t always the best, snakes live in bushes after all. Always remember to keep an eye on your own limitations and how far things should go. You being part of a community should not over-ride who YOU are and what YOU stand for.

Finding Communities

In the time of the Internet finding a community, website or group with a name is easy as it comes. There are discord groups, forums, or subforums on websites that deals with other things. But there is a sea of places out there and the quality differs. Some are created by experienced people, others by young ones. Some are very targeted others are a hangout everybody seems to be able to join. Some have a reason and a goal and others are there to connect with others. Like islands in a big sea we all seek our own island, places to belong and call home.
The old methods, knowing someone who knows someone else still is strong. Finding someone who knows more about the communities and how to be safe will be very useful. People who went before you that can tell you where you probably fit the best. Still, such can only be advice.
So the question for the ones leading a community should be what their main goal is, what they stand for and how to get there.
My suggestion is to find out quickly how the place is ran:
Are there actually appointed leaders or mentors?
Are there people you can talk to and that have an obvious sign for such?
Are the rules obvious and do the owners deal with the safety of the members?
How do the members talk and act among each other?
Are there friendly greeters around?
Is the community active around a time you are to?
What connections does the community seem to have?
What does the community offer?
Does it feel safe?
How does the community deal with troublesome members?

Finding your place

Communities aren’t all about what you can get out of it, but also about what you can offer such community. Now, don’t worry just because some members been there long and know their way around and how to do things doesn’t means you need to be as good as them. Learning things takes experience and time, and many years ago they were like you just entering the communities themselves, learned through good and bad experiences and finally settled. It can take a while before you find your own strength and just what you can offer back for what they had done for you. And nobody should feel required to give back… though communities do grow on participation.
So take your time, get to know the people, find out what is going on before you jump right into helping out.
And there is one thing that is always helpful, aiding other young fresh members into finding the right places to go. Sharing experiences.

Common Red Flags

Communities don’t just bring good, but sometimes also bad things. Some can be quite cult like. So lets go through a few, and far from all, Red Flags.
The Leader only talks to his/her direct underlings. Leaders can be quite busy, so talking to every member is very hard to do. And in big communities and with very busy leaders it can be very hard to ever see them. Still, a leader that doesn’t walks on the work-floor easily loses sight of things. You need active people available to chat with.
There seems to be some kind of war going on. Unsaid or said out loud… it seems that there are two or more different parties fighting. Do you want to be on a battlefield?
The Leader has special training to offer that has to be super secret and nobody can even know you get it.
People in power offer you aid, teachings and more… if you just join their little war.
There seems to be a cult of personality where one leader or very few can’t do wrong and are idolized.

Cult of Personality

A cult of Personality is a special case of hell. It is when one leader or very few share a cult like power and influence. What they do is perfect, their plans are awesome, their vision is godly, blah blah blah blah.
And they can offer the lesser people the road up to become almost as great as them. One suggestion… don’t drink the lemonade.
The best leaders are those that show some weaknesses and let others know how they can help them. The best leaders work together and are willing to share the blame and the gain. This means understand that each of them has strong and weak sides.
A cult of personality is a terrible thing… and falling into that hole will do horrible damage to you mentally long term. Just because someone seems to be able to have it all, do it all, and is awesome don’t think that such is the truth.
Actually how more perfect the person how more worried you should be.
A cult of personality isn’t just one flag, it is a whole wood full of it! Run!


The thing with communities is that every one is different. And if I post it on this blog the invite link might be disabled at a point. So, but VCN is a good place to start. It is quite central to the vampire community and even though locations like germany, africa and asia have their own central hubs. For many western European's and yes for many americans it is one of the great hubs. Even if it is used many times to find other hubs closer to you.
After all best is something local, if it is active and offers a lot.
I am part of Darkened Mirror, which has both a forum and a discord. In the seemingly harsh world of the vampire community. Where members are fighting like cats, it helps to have a place where support and insight is offered in a more softer warm way.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Hunger and Vamping Out

The Hunger
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 31 October 2019

Intro in the Hunger

Known as the Hunger or the Thirst. It is something I rather not talk about but well, if you are one of us, you’ll meet it one day. And it isn’t a nice meeting. Nor by your own choice, mere by your own nature and dire times.
I have some theories about how it works but, better than educated guesses they are not. But out of my own experiences and that of my friends I know more then I want to know about it. This won’t be a fun ride.

From the Depth

Survival, everything alive tries to survive. One way or another. Get food, get sleep, get safety and if possible mate. Such simple systems and part of us all. You would be surprised what you can do if the situation leads to it. So how does this work with vampires, well, vampires need to feed. That is simple so part of the vampires survival is feeding and getting enough energy. And that is the hunger, as long as you are well fed it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you don’t or can’t feed and shit hits the fan, welcome to a horrible time indeed. If your survival kicks in high gear because you didn’t feed, you’ll find out quickly.


Put enough pressure on anybody and they become short off, ready to fight and will make mistakes. They will act in ways they usually wouldn’t. As the vampire doesn’t feed or can’t feed, and their energy crashes lower that something in them wakes up to find the food they so need. To survive, and it isn’t a pretty sight. It affects your body and mind, making you rash and in many ways more predatory and animalistic. Breathing goes faster, your skin feels thinner, your brain doesn’t seem to be willing to do what you want it to do. You feel weaker and are a lot more foul-tempered or can’t concentrate. Things are going pretty badly. And then it hits, you feel something even worse rising up. You will Vamp Out or twoof soon. And you are in a world of pain.


Vamping Out or Twoofing is when the hunger strikes so strong that it can recoil your body, make you feel pain, keep you down, raise your heartbeat and make your mind only wish for one thing. FOOD! And not the humankind! But blood or energy. As it is part of your survival you are going through a ride through hell. Your body tension, breath rising, it feels as if you are tensing to strike and hunt. And you might just get a blackout. And who knows what happens during this. Or what friend got a bit to close…
Hell, even for partners or friends of vampires who have seen it happen once to their friend/love. Well… it ain’t pretty. We tend not to talk about this to much outside our community for obvious reasons. Shrinks would just love to dig into stuff like this. Though no pill has a cure for this, the hunger, the beastial desires, our bodies shifting into gear to fight, to attack, to feed.
And trust me, others can see it in us. In our eyes, everything about us.

Is there any solution?

Yes, feed regularly, and if you can’t get the good stuff to find alternatives. The sanguinary will enjoy a good steak with its lovely juices still intact. It won’t be real blood or of value but it will abate The Hunger for a while.
If for whatever reason you are in a situation you can’t feed, you might have friends within the community that can aid you. One living close enough by, be it through the blood of a trusted donor or energy for the energy vampires.
You would be surprised how quickly vampires can perk up after feeding.

Not to mention you’ll fee so much better is so many ways after a good feeding. You’ll heal faster, everything goes well again and you even can do more than you ever expected. Just remember that something living inside of you, hungering and seeking food. It will be in there, waiting for you to forget and not feed in time.

So keep an eye on your energy, your hunger and how you react. How do you feel when filled up with the good stuff, and how do you feel and react when you are low. Learn the early warning signs and adjust to it. And if you got buddies/spouses that know what you are, have them keep an eye on you too. Just saying, it helps to have outside help.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Vampire Beacon: What is it?

What is a vampire Beacon
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 9 October 2019

What is a Vampire Beacon

A vampire beacon is the energy a vampire sends out. As a vampire gets stronger in their realization and control over their gifts on an energy level they begin to “shine” like a light house in the darkness. Even a young vampire will have a faint beacon, faint enough that with some training another vampire might pick it up. But also faint enough that such isn’t always assured and faint enough so that not every energy worker picks it up.
It requires experience to know what a beacon is, how it feels and how it affects things.

How does it work

The energy of a vampire is different. And I am certain the same goes for witches, empaths and other energy users. Each person has their own energy signature, and vampires have a specific kind of energy signature to it. So an energy worker with enough training and/or experience should be able to pick up the “vampire” code. But to many they won’t pick it up. After all, what they don’t know they probably won’t pick up as easily. Unless it shines out as brazen as a lighthouse that is.
But it isn’t really that strong either, vampires will affect the world around them through their energy and the way they do things. And the vampiric beacon is specifically part of our energy kind. It exists in medsangs, sangs, psy vampires and more. It is the signature of a strong vampiric energy being. But also unawoken have a faint beacon, much like a firefly into the night. It is there but faint.

Why do vampires have it?

Anyone who works with energy is changed by it. Witches, Spiritworkers, Empaths… all of them carry some kind of signature. This post is all about the vampire one. It helps us identify each other. And that has many potential great things to offer. It is like a signature we can send out. A secret handshake. A “You belong to our secret club.”
It draws in energy sensitives and unawoken vampires. It leads those who are at the begin of their path to us. Even if they don’t understand it yet. The beacon, like a light house, draws people in. Seeking something even if they don’t know what they are seeking.

So it isn’t odd of a vampire ends up being asked by a stranger about things. Because, in ways we are not strangers. And, if your beacon begins to shine so bright you attract unawoken ones or just awoken ones. Be prepared, it is going to happen. Every big vampire we have out there once was a small little firefly. And as a small firefly gathers in power they will be noticed more easily.

To us, it is the secret handshake. The way we know by second nature that we deal with another vampire. And with that comes how we treat others. Some will be teachers willing to teach you. Others will notice you and maybe give you a hint or give you the space. And some might warn you to behave if you don’t.

Understand, we tend not to walk up to teach other, giving a handshake or a hug and welcome you to our family. After all, that is silly and crazy. What if you don’t know what you are and we invite you like that. Crazy I tell you! But our energy signatures can give little hints.

Will I become a beacon

Many years of growing into your own vampirism, learning the tricks, adjusting the energies your light will shine brighter. And yes one day maybe you find someone walk up to you with a question. Or you might notice a little firefly, feel a tang in the energy around you. And notice someone who seems rather hungry or out of balance. It might just happen.

But it isn’t something gotten in a year. No, it tends to take a long while growing into your own vampirism before you are steady enough to be even able to help others. And maybe become a teacher to them, or lead them to a community of equal kin. But the beacon lights slowly, and once its light strongly, hopefully you’ll know how to handle it.

Only time and experience and lead to the right use of such.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Vampire Submarine [or how to be a sneaky bastard]

The Vampire Submarine
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 29 September 2019

Where is Carmen Sandiego

You are busy in the house having snuck into the kitchen for a snack. And suddenly you are caught in the act, you didn’t hear them coming, you didn’t feel them coming. Suddenly they just were in the kitchen and you are caught red-handed.
Or maybe it is that friend that you never know sure if they are around. The one that can sneak upon you without noticing. The one that can stand in the group and you didn’t even knew.
That is one of the gifts of the ninja. And many vampires have such gift if they are willing to work on it. The seeming ability to camouflage. No, not like Predator going invisible but many can change the energy around them to disappear of the radar in many peoples heads. As long as they are silent enough in walking they are a lot harder to spot. Sure you should spot them if they stand alone outside, but they can easily slide through groups mostly unnoticed. Even people who shouldn’t. It is just as if they weren’t there at all, and suddenly they are. Almost scary.
So what it is all about?

The Radar in your head

True, there is no radio beam equipment in your head but quite a few people at least to a point are more sensitive then they claim to be. And at least have a faint functional sense of energy. You know that feeling, is anybody here from horror movies. That feeling that you are watched, just to notice kitty dribble in the kitchen with that look on his or her face.
Most just tend not to listen to it and trust their eyes and ears more then anything. Others are a lot more sensitive and can pick up things that others don’t. Trusting your gut-feelings is not something we learn in school and from society. At least most of society, things are rather straight set after all. And yet there is something older that still is there, that science might not be able to explain yet. A gift, a gift of noticing others around. A gift of feeling things others don’t seem to. Like that sixth sense that whispers to you, but everybody else calls crazy for having.

Not True Invisibility

This is not true invisibility though, one has to understand. It is more like how cats move through the house mostly unnoticed. Even if one can lower their energy output or mask it, if one stomps through the house like a 4 year old who didn’t get candy, one still gets noticed. If walks alone in an empty area, you’ll be noticed, you gotta use your surrounding and learn the way of the Ninja. It is how you act, how you move, how you know to take the right position.
So, as much as you can change your energy and so dissolve into the background. You still will be seen and heard. So, be smart, it isn’t a perfect way.

It is all about energy

Now we got that down, you should understand that people who can manipulate energy can adjust their own. Meaning that they can both can make themselves more felt, or the other way around dissolve into the background.
In the war with submarines the magic trick is not to be found. Submarines are by nature stealthy killers and hunters. Like cats, once you see them, it is to late. Submarines have special coatings that absorb sound-waves to fight against sonar. But also are very hard to see with naked eye with their colors.
Animals camouflage themselves, so many creatures can only be found if you know how they look like their surroundings. And hence where to find them. The masters of it, the chameleon on the lands and the octopus in the water. The octopus can even go so far to adjust its texture to look like the surrounding.
So if you think about it, it isn’t too hard. It is very natural, adjusting the outer layers of your energy to be a camouflage like the surrounding, while absorbing incoming energy like the special coating on submarines. And poof you are gone of that radar.
And trust us, it works pretty good, it can make people look right over you. But only if you play it smart.

Can you teach me?

Look teaching people basics like shielding and grounding is one. Most people who are capable of some energy works can with training reach places. But, the advanced levels of inner knowledge you require to make it work doesn’t makes this a 6 week retreat where you can just learn tricks like this. Hell, I am sure those 2 week yoga camps they sell can’t teach you that much either. Maybe the utter basics.
So, until you begin to understand energy none can show you how the tricks work. And at the point you understand energy, you can find it out yourself. It isn’t that hard IF you can do certain things.
If I am put on a sports field against a pro-runner I will lose.
If I am tasked to look up local tax law, the local tax agency will be a lot quicker.
It is partly knowledge but a lot of experience. And the experience is something that grows like a plant on a vine. It requires time. So, first learn the basics! Shielding and Grounding. And I already posted about that. Learning to adjust energy patterns, feeling them, making tiny changes and before you know you are less obvious.

Friday, August 30, 2019

What is the Vampire Community

What is the Vampire Community
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 30 August 2019

What is the Vampire Community
Mos Eisley spaceport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious. - Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi
I am not saying that the vampire community is wretched but, it definitely has it scum pits. So yeah, welcome to a whole new world. And yes sand gets everywhere!

The vampire community is one where you easily can find yourself into the court of egos. Of fighting cats, of people who are utterly against each other. And of media hording people good and bad. Of people taking sides and so on. But, also it is where we have teachers, places that are safe, where you can learn in relative safety and help the many things that can help a vampire learn the tricks safely. And yes feed safely to, very important to sanguinary vampires. So, as much as it seems as if this at times is Mos Eisley, it also is a little bit of a haven. You just gotta find your place.
The community also is split, there are disagreements and socio-political situations that have lead to different groups to exist. For instance South Africa has its own Vampire Community. The Americans seem to pick up a little bit of the European and Canadian slack. But there is also the Germans and before I even go further. There are a lot of players on this board. So let me just keep it simpel. When we talk about the VC, we talk about vampires, donors and supporters working together. But also VC can mean a local thing, like South Africa has its own VC. Which deals with South African vampires and their plights. Though in the core does the same, teach young vampires and offer certain level of support and information.

What does the Vampire Community Stands For
The VC, in the best case stands for teaching people, vampires and non vampires about vampirism. Offering support, insight and safe methods to feed. It has access to ways to find donors, deal with donors and offers many years of written materials and insights of older vampires. This obviously will help the young vampire, donors and supporters on the road. It also offers certain contact points for Media to contact us and talk about matters. For instance if they want to make a series for television and it won’t be the usual Media Hungry Crap. But actually wants to look deeper into the issue. Few vampires are out in public, for obvious reasons!
In the worst case it is cats fighting over little. Grudges hold for very long, different groups disagreeing with each other and a political push and pull.  You gotta take the good with the bad.

Oh this, drama, delightful drama. Yeah it happens. Big names, big egos. Sometimes a fight happens and sometimes things go to far and damage is done. It, is inevitable, vampires are a lot like cats. You can keep buying new cat trees, they will still fight over the same spot. And sometimes some really troubling stuff happens. Dangerous to young vampires to say the least.
What I want to say here is, judge someone on their actions and do not give full support or always believe someone. Drama happens, things flame up, damage is done, best to stay out of it while you are young. Hell if you are older you probably can smell the Bovine Excrement from miles away. And know not to get close! Many times it is just Fireworks, yet another fight, yet another night. At times it is a real life soap.

That Sounds Dangerous
Maybe, but there is also a lot of good. There are places where one can learn about vampirism. How one can feed safe and with consent, how to find donors. You can hook up with the right people to help you on the way and things can get running just fine. They can offer you classes, a social cohesion and a home within the strange world of real vampirism.
Also, you might find friends there, a listening ear that understands what you are going through.
It is just that there are also very strong minded people who might come out a bit sharp. It happens in every community. So finding the right people can help you a lot. Staying out of trouble can help you a lot. Not jumping directly into a drama storm is suggestible. Even though as young vampire I did that. But, you get older and hopefully a bit smarter.

Take your time.
Read and learn as much as you can.
Take nothing you are given as 100% truth, do your own research too.
Don’t let yourself be swindled in supporting a side of a war you don’t even know what the stakes are in.

Copyright 2019 Masticina Akicta

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sixth Senses

Sixth Senses
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 25 July 2019

What If

What if you could pick up so many more things then most. What if you could meet someone and directly feel if they are good or bad kind. What if you felt if someone needed your help, or if someone had a very bad day. What if you picked up things that seeing body language wouldn’t pick up as easily. What if you were not taught deeper body language skills yet you KNEW things about others. If you talked with someone over the phone and something felt off. Or you met someone and without them giving a reason you knew their inner turmoil and pain?
Welcome to the world of the psychics, empaths and yes psychic vampires.

The Five Senses

You probably learned this is school. The five most basic senses.
Touch, what you feel as you touch it or something touches you. The cold wind blows over you, the brush of heat against you, the textures of paper under your fingers.
Taste, what you eat, the basic tastes. As your nose is used for the fines “tastes.” A very basic natural system on your tongue of receptors that make sure that what you eat is safe. 
Sight, what you see, some see better in the dark then others, some require glasses to correct focus. And some are colorblind.
Hearing, what you hear. From the rough thumping of a mechanical jackhammer to the delightful air in a good piece of music. And again, some people have sharper hearing, some worse.
Smell, a very useful skill to not only know if your food is still safe to eat. But also will pick up other dangers. There are also scents that draw you in, fresh strawberries for instance. Or the rich smell of a well-made pizza.

I am happy we got the basics out of the way. A vampire, empath or psychic probably has sharper senses, but that isn’t always true. Many things we sense are a combination of senses anyway, the experience of eating is both smell, feel and taste. And even sight, a burger that is colored blue with food coloring will taste worse. Though, the food coloring has no real taste. Our brains will have decided that blue meat tastes worse.
Everything we do is subjective, humans are very subjective, to the point that each of us sees colors slightly different. Or taste things slightly different, we have the same basic tools, but all combined slightly different experiences.
And that is only the Five Senses. Let's add the Sixth one.

The Sixth Sense

Some of us can smell your perfume from pretty far, that isn’t to strange. But also what you try to cloak with it and I don’t mean that you just had sex that morning. But the fears, pains and desires that go deeper. We pick up things behind the mask.
We KNOW  or FEEL things, without directly knowing why. When we meet you at first we KNOW just what you stand for, if you are a good person or not. This usually requires face2face or a more direct connection then a chatroom online though. Something to connect to the other person with. A picture, a voice or meeting up.
An Empath FEELS things, A Psychic KNOWS things, both to the same conclusion though.
Many of us see the future, as in, we pick up what might become a future. Future isn’t set, it is changeable. But if a person is dead set to do a certain thing that is bound to fail, you can predict just how hard they will hit that wall.
The curse of knowing more then you can explain is that it is very hard to explain to people why certain things are not going to work. Trust me, they won’t take, “It just won’t work.”
Because they want solid reasons, you got none, you got a feeling. So at most you can warn them based upon a feeling.
It is quite the shame seeing people crash their heads into walls. But life is a learning experience for everybody.

So, the psychic and/or psychic vampire will know things ahead of time. And the Empath will feel things that lie beyond the mask. Trying to bullshit any one of them a lot harder, just saying.

Empath and Psychics

They are a different breed in ways, reading different things but end up on the same point. They know more about you then you are willing to tell them. But don’t be afraid, many are nice and friendly.
The Empath, if they meet you or connect with you, can feel your energy. And pick up things like pain, emotions, desires and other things. Hazy as any of these skills but with training they can adjust their lives and help themselves and their friends. Or offer advice to people seeking it.
The Psychic can see beyond the veil and into the murky haze. Pick up hints here and there and can, in time, work together with the story how things connect. If in a reading with someone they can pick up important clues that can help said person to change the path for the better. Or warn them for trouble ahead. Help them make choices that in the future might pay off.
And the Psychic Vampire? Oh, that is a vampire that uses psychic methods to feed. And can expect to get psychic gifts in time. If you work with energy you learn to read it.

Knowing without Knowing

I think that the worse is Knowing without Knowing. The little hints you pick up, the feelings, the tastes. Given too little to show to others. You can give advice but without really having a hand full of cards to show why. If someone goes to a psychic they usually can work out things based upon the clues. The person asking for the reading might say that yes they got an aunt who is the black sheep of the family and so on. Binding clues to other clues leads to a bigger story that becomes more obvious as it grows. And yet remains hazy.
The future is changeable. All those who are sensitive to a part quickly learn this. Ever asked yourself why psychics and empaths tend to be a bit off and odd. Well if you live in a world of energy, between worlds almost, one gets a bit odd. You begin to understand the value of silence, of not saying things yet. To watch and see, to give advice in ways that elude just how you got to such advice.
As you listen the spirit world begins to aid you, give you hints, insights. And things become clearer and clearer. But through that you also drift just a bit away from the world you were born into. Some even so far that they can become the in between worlds. But there are prices to pay, this blog won’t go into them.

Honing Skills

One should train their skills both is getting better, knowing when to use them, how you can trust them. And of course how to take a breather of them. Ask any Empath after visiting a funeral how they feel, don’t expect great answers.
One can ground and test their skills. If one does Tarot readings and one has another witch/empath/psychic friends one can work together and talk with each other. Do weekly or monthly tarot readings for other friends and get their feedback on how things went. See how
If you get to connect with others within your realm do share events. Like reading tarot for the same person or situation and looking at how every reader ended up. Don’t worry if it seems you are wrong. Maybe you picked up something else. Or you didn’t get the right connection. Don’t push yourself too hard, not every day you are the sharpest.
If you are an empath and hook up with other energy workers. Ask them what they feel, see, experience. Not everybody picks things up in the same way after all. Some might taste things, or see things, or know things or hear voices.
There is no set path, no set training method, only way to get better is to do it. Experience grows on the vine, it takes time for it to grow.
So find some friends and get to work, take your time, write down all your experiences and what did went well and not well. What happened for a person after a reading and so on.

Trusting Skills

And in the end one should TRUST their own skills and gifts. As long as you feel that they are right and can be targeted and trained. Gifts like these can open many doors.
So what do you do with your skills? Well, this modern society might not always deem it useful. But who says you need to tell your parents, friends, boss and so on that you got these skills? You can use them in the shadows, most energy users work in the shadows. There are a few out in the open, but enough in the shadows. You don’t need to tell everyone, use it. If you get information there are many ways to use such information.
If you got a bad feeling about the new preacher, you probably can’t tell your parents that, they wouldn’t believe you. But you can tell that you don’t trust him. And once said preacher runs off with the church funds… well you were right.
You can help your friends with your insight, as long as they are willing to listen. You don’t even have to mention how you got said information. Just that you are not to sure or that yes they should go for it. Think of it how you should handle it when your best friend has a new love and said love is obviously bad news. Soft Touch!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Can You Turn Me Into A Vampire

Can you turn me into a Vampire
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 15-07-219

Can you turn me into a Vampire

Short answer: No
Long answer: Noooooo!
And to get to the point why the hell would you want to? What is it that draws you to Human Living Vampirism and what do you expect to get out of it. Why you feel that vampirism is for you and what you should know. So let's begin with this article.

Why do you want to be a vampire?

Whenever this question falls the big question back is, what is a vampire to you? Many people who ask this question seen a movie or read a book. Maybe they played a roleplay game with vampires, but that is all fun and games. But it is fun and games. And there is nothing wrong with Fun and Games but at a point, one has to accept that not all is gold that shines. IF movie vampires existed, just think of the implications. The number of dead people, the methods the vampire would have to use to stay hidden and unknown. Without knowing what makes a vampire and just what it means why do you even think it makes sense to ask to become one?
That and the question is if someone even can be made one. And if it is a process that is long term suggestible.

The Case Against Movie Style Vampires

There is a reason we don’t see unliving vampires around, those stories come from long ago when diseases and bug-bites could leave signs that others could see as vampiric. Humanity was in the cradle, the world around them was dangerous, a snake could poison you. You could get sick and die of an unknown disease. And animals could leave odd markings. Not to mention diseases like the many plagues, like the black plague and the people not understanding what happened once you died. These days we can see a dead body and can put how long it has been dead. In those days they dug up graves and found weeks old dead people who had been through early putrefaction. A bloody nasty mess! So that is how the movie and book vampire was born, sickness, danger, and undead. And that is European lore at it, the Asians got their own ghost and vampire stories.
These days we know a lot more, not to mention, cell phones and cameras. I don’t say we live in a sci-fi world where every move is traced yet, a lot is, but not everything! Bigger events like DEAD PEOPLE would be damn obvious.
Now there are people dressing up like the movie vampire, more power to them. If that makes them happy so be it! It certainly will draw attention and will be liked among the movie lovers. I am not against dressing up like one if you feel like that. But I don’t do it myself.
So what draws you to vampirism, or at least the movie/book kind? Look in the end, those books and movies are awesome. But be happy there are not dead bodies hunting and draining humans, we have already a lot of things that kill us. So… let's go further.

What is a real vampire

Now I am not an expert, I haven’t studied for 50 years. I am a member of the vampire community for close to 20 years. And yes a vampire, a human living one at it. Thanks for noticing that difference.
I haven’t seen it all. And I am sure there are things out there that I don’t know about. But I will get to the point that for this blog, a real vampire requires life energy, through blood or other means. They are living human beings with an energy problem, or a need to drink blood. The issues they have to deal with miraculously can be solved through feeding. Trust us, a good feed and suddenly most of it works again like it should. Nothing beyond what a human body is capable of, of course, we are living human beings. With all the limitations that come with that.
There are many vampires I know that have very common issues, and uncommon issues. Vampirism is one of the things they have/are. It is part of them as much as so many other things are. They can be mother, father, diabetic, pro sporter, musician, etc. They can be anything, and vampirism is only one of the things they are.

The Crap we deal with

So let's talk about the bad stuff, basics going, a need to feed. We need to feed to keep everything running just smoothly. Low on energy means we are less capable and efficient as most humans. And heal worse, and get sick easier, and have to deal a few side effects even worse. Certain issues with the stomach for instance. In my case, my stomach isn’t 100% nice. It can be sensitive to what I eat, but if I have fed well it is not as strong. If I haven’t fed for a while though, it is even more sensitive.
Also, we tend to become a bit more snappy at things. The skin thins so to say, low on energy we might not be the best people be around. Well fed through and we should be fine to be around.
And yes the sun, almost every vampire gets to deal with this. In lesser or worse, some even got skin conditions that make any short time exposure bad news. Luckily some of us have skin capable of handling it, but it always feels bad. I like clouded skies and nice overcast days. Those are the days I can walk outside without any protection or heavier clothing. Oh, speaking about, the sunglasses. I like autumn and winter, the need for sunglasses is mostly gone then. I dislike the middle of the summer though, how, pounding, heavy and I got a limited sun exposure. Even with my good skin.
So even with high energy we still deal with some negative side effects. Not sure why the medical tests tend to show that all is just fine. That blood-works is just fine. Nothing wrong. And yet we know it when we haven’t fed.
Most of us look very normal, you would walk right past us on the street. Sure there is a certain group that does follow an image more. And that is fine, many of us are in the background and you wouldn’t know we are vampires unless you can read energy. And most of us try to keep an as normal life as possible. After all, if we got kids, we want them to have a normal life.
I hope you notice that it is a lot less cool then you expected.
Also, vampirism isn’t really a thing doctors have medication or prescriptions for. So anything related to our vampirism needs to be, told to our doctor in such a way that our vampirism isn’t mentioned. As much as we try to get it more accepted, doctors tend not to accept it.
And if you get psionic sensitivity you begin to pick up things around you like crazy. Like multiple radio stations playing at the same time, sound fun? It doesn't! Have you ever listened to more than 5 radios at the same time on different channels? Learning how to tune things out is an important step for young vampires. At least those that get the psionic/empathic thing.
As enough vampires and you end up with a lovely list of medical issues that make you rethink the situation. I don’t say that vampirism causes those medical situations, but it certainly can help the vampire to feel better…or hinder the vampire with it.

The reality of a boring life

And lets talk about how boring life can be. Because welcome to a boring life. Not going to joke, you still need to go to school, get a job. Maybe you get children, find someone you love etc, real life will go on. Vampirism is only a small influence on this all. And we don’t even know if it is hereditary or not. A child might be born without it, or with it. Or might even be something else, the fun only starts in life. Vampirism as this blogs goes by doesn’t really make things swoony and interesting. More like, an extra thing you need to keep track off.

And I like boring life, drama is troubling, cloaks and daggers! A bit is fun but we all want a safe warm house with friend or/and family. Simple things that make one happy. But that is just me.

So why would you even want to be one?

So there we are, even if we could turn someone into one. Would you want that? The tricks and methods many vampires learn can be also learned by everybody else with certain gifts. And just think of how nice it is to not have to keep an eye on your feeding/energy levels just so you can function decently. It can be quite debilitating if you get to deep.
Also no flashy powers, no flight, not calling up spirit wolves and so on. Nor romantically sleeping in coffins and having to hunt humans every night to survive. Those movies, games, and books mean little. Instead just another boring person, or maybe not boring, with a few small extra problems.
We are stuck with something rather nasty. And that is our life. I don’t think you want to be one.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Short Break

I know that I haven't posted in more than two weeks. But that is natural as I am busy with another huge project which requires all of my energy. It is the last weeks of said project, and it has to be done right. So, it gets all my attention and energy!
This will happen at the very end of this month so, for this month, don't expect posts anymore.

That is life.

But after that, I should get out some lovely new posts. Fresh ideas and a few things that will help you young ones out.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dealing with the Sun

Dealing with the Sun
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 01-06-2019

Vampires and Sun

Lets first open the doors with some basics, vampires don’t burn into ashes up in the sun. At least not the human living vampires, I haven’t seen any of the movie vampires around. It is just that most of us don’t like sun, and some of us even have a medical condition called Porphyria[1] in what acute troubles can rise due to solar exposition. I leave it up to the websites just to tell you. And even better a friend has a blog about her experiences with it[2], she has a lot to tell.

No, even if the human living vampire doesn’t get skin issues sun just feels wrong, warm, bad. And that is a reason many of use wear concealing clothes even in the summer, even those who can get a color, and yes that also include people who don’t burn like a red lobster. It just feels bad, tingling, warm and wrong on the skin.

Even as a young child I knew it felt wrong. When we did go to the beach, that is what you did as a family, I would dig a big hole and hide in there with the towel to lay on as a cover. In time we usually had something with us to provide shade, because I didn’t like the sun, even as a young child. And worse I was half blind in the sun, so that didn’t help much either. I was the kind of kid that liked to play inside and read books inside, in the shadow.

As I grew older I learned some skills to help me out. Mostly that suncream can help a bit and the right types of clothing. That and sunglasses are not a luxury. And there is some kind of full bright/full range light the dentist uses that has the same effect. I can wear sunglasses at the dentist, yes.

That aside, I and the sun were never friends. Nor the heat of a hot summer. Guh, it just feels wrong, I enjoy those cloudy days that most despise. Because at least I can see easier and feel better.


Luckily we live in an age where many solutions exist. We got a lot of methods to fix our little issues. Or big issues, quite a few of us don’t like to be outside too long anyway in the hot sun so will enjoy time inside. And might garden later in the evening when the sun is lower. Limit how long we are outside, if and were possible and even then use the different solutions.

The Internet/Weather Reports

Check your daily UV levels for the area. Remember UV levels don’t give an S about cloud cover. So even on cloudy days, it might have a high level of UV. In my country UV level, 7 is about the most we currently get. I say currently because these days everything changes. And yes I have seen places like Australia where it hits UV 12, which requires everybody to use suncream.


It is almost magical, a lotion you put on your skin and you can stay longer outside. It feels a lot better than just the heat of the sun directly on the skin, and it does works but one has to be smart and buy sun-lotion that is wide-band. That means it blocks both UV-A and UV-B!
There can be differences in how well sun-lotion blocks UV-A and UV-B. But buying a wideband will definitely help you a few steps up compared to cream that is made to mostly block UV-A. Also, make sure you apply it thick enough and replenish where needed. It can’t hurt to have a small bottle of Sun-lotion in your bag, just for on the road.
You might get people complaining about how white you still look, let them. That is them, you gotta take care of yourself!


I told you about how sensitive our eyes can be right? Well, sunglasses are the cure, you’ll end up wearing them earlier than most people. The good news, it is pretty normal to wear sunglasses for some people so we don’t look too odd. Now, good sunglasses matter, you don’t have to pay $500 for a set but more then the plastic $5 that claim to block UV is a good idea. Oh, and it helps if it is the type that has a UV-blocking function. And isn’t super cheap so it actually blocks most if not all of it. Chinese Plastic Crap still is crap.[3]

Covering Clothes

Breathing but covering clothes are going to be your friend. If you think I will go in the middle of the summer in shorts out there and sandals you are crazy. I will still have some level of cover even if I have to stay cool and show off some skin. That nice big hat, silly as it looks, will keep much of the sun away from you. I know big hats look silly at first but if you can rock the look and make it your own it is awesome. That or maybe a smaller type of hat, something that offers some protection.

Problem Solving

Now that sounds simple, but the reality isn’t so simple, just read the other blog[2]. Trying to get people to understand you like it inside and in the shadows is very hard.

Worse, depending on how a school is built and ran you might be in some real issues. Look, vampirism can’t be determined by a doctor, you can’t get on paper. “He/She is a vampire and needs shadow and inside time.” No, you have to realize your problems might be too vague to be given attention. All of us have had to use tricks and persuasion.

There always will be situations where you have to brave the sun in, sports days at schools, and the weather is lovely. That trip to the beach, summer camp and if you are older, work and study. There will be times you are stuck out there in the sun and have to deal with all it entails. And sadly I can’t really solve all the problems with a simple blog. But at least, this should give you something to think about.

Find little solutions here and there. Sometimes you are F-ed by the situation, sometimes you can find yourself a bit of shadow or stay inside. And sometimes you are in control of what happens.

As much as my plants love sun and water, I stick with staying inside. Till it is shady enough and colder in the night so I can give them water.


[1] Porphyria; https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/porphyria/symptoms-causes/syc-20356066

[2] The Porcelain Vampire; https://theporcelainvampirespeaks.blogspot.com/

[3]Sunglasses and UV Protection: https://www.allaboutvision.com/askdoc/sunglasses.htm


Copyright: Masticina Akicta 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shielding and Grounding

Shielding and Grounding
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 23-05-2019

Why should you shield and/or ground?

Good question, any energy worker will notice quickly enough that this world is full of energies, good ones, and bad ones. And the human world we are stuck in has a lot of bad energy to offer. Isn’t it nice to walk out there in the forests, on the beach, or even just in the park? Away from the busy streets and suffocating roads. Where little green lives and if it shows up it is killed? Yeah right. Cities do that, there is more pollution to cities than just what you can see, but also what you can feel. Though must say, it also has a lot of lovely places full of free energy.
Sometimes you enter a room and feel directly that something is wrong, just to learn that someone died. That is energy affecting you. It is the reason football games, concerts and public transport has its own “taste” to it. It gathers energy and that includes good and bad energy. It is the reason certain churches make sure you wait long for the main course so the energy is there for them to offer a “spiritual” experience. It is how groupthink works and how people can influence and connect with each other.
Shielding can offer you a whole lot of things to help your own life and those around you. So can basic grounding methods, a room that is high on energy and a fight might happen can be aided by a ground-wire. Shielding can aid you against negative energy and people trying to sway you.
So, you got it? Shielding and Grounding isn’t just fun and games. There is a deeper reason behind it all. If you can work with energy you better learn to protect yourself.

After showering or taking a bath you pull the plug and all the water goes down. You should feel better too, cleaner in so many different ways.  That is grounding, connecting to the earth and letting all the overcharge, extra energy go right down. You can visualize it as a tree-root growing from the earth to where you are. Or where you want to earth because you can also earth others and places. One of the great uses of earthing is to lower energy in an overcharged situation. When a fight is about to break out to draw the over energy away from the situation.
But also it is great when you work in an office and share those meeting rooms to cleanse the energy of the worst muck once it is your teams time to go there. But lets first talk about YOU!

You feel rotten, chaotic, not yourself, something is wrong. After a day of work you just feel F-ed up. Your boss was a jerk again, your co-workers not much better and the weather sucked. Or you are at school and there is something foul in the air, muddled nasty energy you gotta walk through.
This is where you can use a good cleanse yourself! So jump in the shower and, that isn’t a bad idea. But lets say you are traveling, busy, had a hard or boring lecture and just need to get some clean good energy back. Grounding will at least get the nasty stuff away from you.

Pictures of shielding and grounding

Basic Shielding

This is for energy users and manipulators a required skill. And many probably have some very basic inborn abilities waiting. But still let's go over the basics. It can help you feel healthier, safer and deal with what life throws at you.

A shield is like wearing a full body condom. Less sexual terms would be envisioning yourself in a ball of energy and said ball only lets certain energy through and bounces off energy off. These energy constructs require energy to be created and training because energy works is like muscles you need to train to get better at it. So at first you only can keep your bubble up for a short time but as you practice it gets longer and longer.

Now if this is your first time sit down, try to relax and envision a con… see through ball around you. Feel the energy and visualize it blocking out energy you don’t want in. Test it out in places where you normally feel others energy. For instance shopping malls or busy public transit places. Maybe you are in school, or in university or at a job place. And the energy can be not the best. Basic shielding will help you survive the storm, just remember that swaying trees survive the longest. Energy has to go somewhere, you need to get rid of it too.

Train regular and in time your ability to keep it up and adapt it even in harder situations gets easier, to the point that it will take very bad energy or a strong mind to penetrate it. Even a simple shield can be a message to some.


Visualize that a tree root grows from the ground and into you. Also, it is a great thing to walk grounded, aka outside without shoes. It sounds silly but contact with earth will help you. Wearing shoes puts a barrier between us and the earth.

Just remember one thing, the earth is very slow energy. And in certain situations, you need to be fired up, quick on your feed or super caring and passionate. And earth, in that case, might draw too much energy down. So you don’t always have to be earthed. Sometimes it is better to follow the rising energy. To at the end earth and return to rest again. But always know you can draw up an earth wire and slow down again.

And so

As you progress in your energy workings you can keep track of how you feel and what you did to help yourself out of such situation. You’ll find that shielding and grounding as some of the most basic tools an energy user must be able to handle. There are other tools out there for other situations. There are times when you need to dig deeper. But for the basics you can use these two handy tools to keep yourself in balance.

Tips and Tricks

Self Feeding Shield
After you learned how to shield, why not hook up the shield through a smart system to feed from the energy it blocks. That way it is cheaper to keep up. And this also leads to the beginning of trick shielding. But first you need to know the basics.

Combining Shielding and Grounding
A little thing you can do is to adjust your shield to drain the energy through the earth wire you create. Just be sure the earthing doesn’t annul your shielding. It is tricky I know it. But a combined earth/ground can eat up the bad incoming energy.

Mirror Shield/Bouncy Shield
I am rubber and you are glue, just send the energy back to its source. If the energy is an attack on you, why not bounce it back?

The U-boat
This is a highly advanced shield method in what you adjust the outer layer on the shield to be the same as the surrounding energy, for this of course you require a multi layered shield with “feelers” sticking out. It goes by many names and is one of the party tricks many vampires learn. We can just slide of the radar. Did you know that everybody, yes everybody is sensitive to energy to a certain point. Now you know! By adjusting your energy profile you just fall away.

Chaotic Shield
A rapid adjusting shield that is about impossible to track what the hell is going to do. I hardly use this but it is a method to break links or disrupt connections.

Shielding others
You can ground others, and you can shield others too. Same systems apply, you can shield someone you love for instance.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Large Crowds and Filter Feeding for Psy Vampires

Get ready boys and girls because today I will teach you how to filter-feed. Well, part of it is something you self have to work out as you need certain skills that develop over time.
But once you have those seemingly basic skills you can adopt such to improve your methods feeding.
I will teach you Filter Feeding. A method to feed without directly targeting someone, instead you take from an area. This means, ethically seen, that you haven't hurt anybody. And if you get to read up till the end you learn that you have done well for nature.

I hope you all can see the image. I had to draw something up quickly and I am not much of an artist.

Reality 1: Every living thing gives off energy, it is thrown out and like trash isn't connected to the person anymore. It is just trash. Given the time it will dissolve into the earth again.

Reality 2: More people more energy. An interesting side note, people do influence each other through subtle energy. On a funeral, the energy will be a lot different than at a big rave or metal party.
But in short, most people more energy is left behind hence public places can be very good feeding grounds. I suggest finding feeding grounds like shopping malls, public transport hubs, big feasts, big active dance/bar locations and so on.

Reality 3: The energy left though is very muddy and dirty. It is very nasty energy which I don't suggest that you feed on directly. It can have some very troubling side effects. If you feed at a big rave, even if you don't use drugs yourself... the effect of drugs might leak into you unless you filter! Yes, Psy vampires can get high on feeding on people who are high. Choose your crowd wisely.

Reality 4: This might make you sick, or woozy, or not in control anymore. It can F you up! In the best case, it is like being drunk, high and having popped pills. In the worst case, it just tastes and feels horrible. Again, watch out what you feed on.

Practice 1: Draw the energy through a filter, a sturdy filter that keeps the nasty gunk out. The stuff that makes you sick. Now depending on what you desire you can open up the filter a bit more or close it off more. That is experience and self-training! You need to find out what works for you.

Practice 2: Process the energy, it still is impure and through some refining, you can get out the other gunk and get more pure life energy. That is the stuff you truly want to feed on, the Chi, The Prana, the Life Energy. The emotions can be fun by taste I agree, but sometimes you don't want to get kicked off your socks and just want to get the life energy.

Practice 3: Now you got relative pure Prana/Chi and can drink it without causing weird stuff to your energy system/body. You are in control and sharp. And again, it is up to you to filter out and decide what you keep in the mix you take in.

Practice 4: Be nice to nature, once you are done you have a lot of gunk left. and if it is good some fluid like the stuff you didn't feed on. Now use that fluid stuff to pour it right down into the earth.

And in the end? You leave an area, the energy is much cleaner and you got your fill. Oh, and you didn't hurt anymore.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Recognition, Acceptance and Research(RAwR)

Recognition, Acceptance and Research(RAwR)
Author: Masticina Akicta
Original Date of Publishing: June 2018

To become better one has to understand what they are. A simple basic reality. So the first step in our ways to improve is to RECOGNIZE what and who we are. Until we recognize who or what we are we can’t really make any decisions or adaptations. Many members might remember, or try to forget, how they were are young fledgeling, sorry to use a term like that. But ones who found out what they are tend to make odd choices. We all been there!

To recognize can be by meeting others who are like you. Or by finding information about certain things that make you think very deeply. Linking the connection between YOU and IT. And no matter what it is that moment or recognition is a spark that will either shadow your life or change your life. Not only you but also someone else might recognize it, you might meet someone that slides you a hint. Or asks you certain questions that make you think. One that seems to know more, or has answers to questions that you have. That seems to be ahead of you. What if they truly knew more! If you took a moment to sit back.. Would you begin to put together the puzzle pieces? That is up to you!

The Second step is to accept it, to truly adjust and learn one has to accept many things about themselves. If one recognizes something but doesn’t accept these they force it deep into their shadow. By denying your nature it will only grow stronger and fight you. And if you cage the beast, pardon that expression, it will one day break out and it will be terrible. The first step to make our lives better should be to recognize what we are and make smart choices. And before you ask, many tried, and failed to fight it. Best is to work with it, but that is a whole other topic.
In live we have to accept good things about ourselves and bad things. And sometimes things that look bad don’t have to be. It all depends on how you look at life. Everybody after all has a shadow, things they don’t like about themselves or things that society might not have the best idea off. Yet the trick is know yourself and adjust how you life. Just simple advice here, yet it takes years to fully understand what it means. KNOW YOURSELF!

The third step is simple, Research! Indeed Research, once you feel that twinge, and feel a connection you can dive deep into matters and read up, connect to others within said communities. And begin your path of growth. Finding the resources and connecting with others who might have the information you require. See meeting others!
 First year(s) will be a bit rough, so much to learn and to adjust to. But in the end by accepting who and what you are and learning how to deal with it. You can truly become yourself. Expect many forks in the roads, paths walked that proof wrong and bad choices. Such is the way we learn and walk.

Meeting Others
You are usually not alone in whatever you are. Funny how that goes, and you can find communities, many online and if you look deep enough offline. Where in relative privacy we can talk about many issues and find solutions. Definitely in some communities it is a strong aid to be connected. Some communities, like the vampire community, have laid out networks of information, support and places where you safely can chat with others who understand. And that is a very important step into your future years.
You can share experiences, learn what probably works, find people like you and feel better about yourself. Find out that whatever troubles you is shared and hence you might just make friends for life. What more can you hope for?

What can the Community Do?
When meeting the community prepare to not only deal with those steps yourself but also see them in others. It isn’t only YOU that have to deal with them. But also it is happening to others. So if you see someone in the stage of asking questions ask yourself, “Is this person Kin? Are the questions pointing that they are waking up and beginning to seek help?” You can aid others just as once others might have aided you. By guiding to the right information, offering advice and most important listening even if they are still unstable. Those who don’t yet know their path might have many questions and try many things. We should be open to listen to them and even though we can’t offer direct support at times, we can offer advice and an open ear.
We all are different yet share certain common things and it is us listening and giving advice where needed that can steer a young kin not to make the mistakes we have made in the past. Though remember, we are not all equal and advice that works for you doesn’t always works for others. Be sparingly with it and smart, let them find things out on their own terms. Yet like a child, don’t just let them fall into the shark tank either. If one always is stopped from making mistakes they never learn, yet one wants to keep them alive right? Not to mention even if our paths look rather equal they still can be different.
But overall be patient, young ones tend to make stupid mistakes, we all did, some of us still do. Making humans is mista, I mean making mistakes is human. Lead them well, give them room to grow, room to make mistakes but try to have a bit of patience. There are some good kids out there that are misunderstood. A little bit of love and support can go a long way.

- Masticina Akicta

Saturday, May 11, 2019

What is a Human Living Vampire?

What is a Human Living Vampire?
Writer: Masticina Akicta
Date: 11 May 2019

Human Living Vampires are humans, who are born, grow up, get sick, need normal food and do all the usual things. They get jobs, get married, get children and one day will die. So they are not immortal, not undead and can walk out in the sun. Well many of them, there is a slight issues with a disease that sometimes crops up in Human Living Vampires. Except that not everybody with that condition is a vampire. And not every vampire gets it, isn’t life special.

So the basics, a vampire is a person like you. Except a slight issue is that they require just a little extra. Mostly harmless really if well handled. We don’t know how it works either, just that I does and many of us require something extra beyond our normal daily food and activities. Some claim that something is wrong with our energy systems so we either leak or don’t regenerate enough. Or we use more then we usually get, some claim that we are not connected anymore with nature and that we need to feed other ways. There is a lot going on here and a lot of different ideas about how vampires work and what vampires are.

Now the utter basics mean this, a vampire requires besides food, sleep, etc something extra. And there are different types of vampire, though it isn’t a binary switch, but many of our members will fall within a certain category. Mostly depending on the way they feed. The need to feed is what defines vampire, everybody can influence energy. Everybody swims in energy, everybody can drain and give energy off without knowing that they do. If you been to a concert, of the music of your type. Or maybe to church you have been swimming in energy that is released in large crowds. It is also how groups are hypnotized and influenced by the energy around them. Hence everybody takes and every gives, and some can manipulate that easier then others.

The thing is that the vampire is REQUIRED to do it and to take control of it. And just how ethically that is done is a second issue. If a vampire doesn’t keeps well fed, things go bad, how bad? Though vampirism itself won’t kill you lacking its effects will weaken you, open you up to diseases and overall makes you less stable. You might have a bad day, vampires get it worse for longer. And as the energy goes down, a lot gets a whole lot worse.

“Types” of vampires broken down by ways to feed. Because we are one big freaking family anyway;

Sanguinary vampires, or sangivores, feed by taking blood. Don’t be afraid, they use donors! Yes, donors, people who are willing to aid the vampires and feed them. And before you ask further, biting bad, there are safer methods. Sangivores have a lot to deal with when it comes to finding donors and safe methods to feed. Some can feed more methods, some purely through blood. A big group of note is the medsang block.

Medical Sangivore, in what the vampires don’t do the psy stuff, they pretty can’t. They derive something out of the blood of the donors that keeps them ticking because what they need is in the blood.

Psy vampires, these can manipulate energy and draw energy to them through, hard to pinpoint ways. They just can. These are the ones most people are warned for because a Psy vampire that isn’t well fed, can be unstable. And hence act not the smartest. One of the lessons to Psy vampires is also to feed, feed smart and keep track of how much energy you have then all should go smooth. There are different ways to get food which do not require direct consent of people or feed directly from them. And learning them will help you be a nicer vampire. More ethical at least.

Tantric Vampires, did you know that a lot of energy is released during sex. Now you know, and now you know how they found a way to get energy. Fun times with a fun desert following.

Emotional Vampires, some vampires either don’t know yet what they are and haven’t gotten a handle or worse know and are just jerks. And the way they get energy is by being an emotional leech. They always got problems and need help, and the world is out there to hurt them, it is unfair and if only you could help! Now I am not saying that every freaking person like that is a vampire but it is one way to get a lot of energy. Emotional Vampires are very unstable and usually cause fights around them or drama. Stuff around them is never at peace. These vampires usually are early on Psy vampires who haven’t yet learned safer ways to feed. That or they will never change and just stay jerks. Tip for psy vampires, as much fun as drama is, there is also a lot to say about doing good things.

Astral Vampire, another “sub” group. Now I need to explain something, the astral vampire uses astral travel to find willing or unwilling donors, usually unwilling. The astral realm is a weird place, to explain it in short, lets say you have a good friend or someone you love. One of you moves away far, maybe to study, maybe to return home to take care of the parents. So many possible reasons! The physical distance between you and the other person might be far, the astral realm though has no distances. A and B are connected and there is no distance. So an astral energy worker can go wherever they desire. Equally an astral vampire can feed wherever they desire.

I am certain that there are other ways to feed. Sangs and Psy’s are the big block, the others are part of it somewhere under the vampire umbrella.

In Short

So in short, HLV’s are just normal humans with a slight issue, energy issue. They require something special extra, which normally is gained through blood or drinking energy from the surrounding in other ways. There are ethics, teachings, ways to do it safely and a community that tries to keep it rolling, serving a small community of vampire, donors and friends. We are mere a small society that lives in the shadows, partly because we might run out of sunblock and partly because media is crazy. The moment you mention vampire, you have to run away from the glitter. That movie has done so much… ugh.
Every human living vampire is an individual and different. And has to deal with different problems and situation. But at least we have a core of methods that usually work and keep us sane and healthy. And maybe one day, science will learn precisely what went wrong.