Sunday, March 29, 2020

Covid and Ethical Feeding for Psy Vampires and Hybrids

Covid and Ethical Feeding
Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 29 March 2020

Hard Times

When hard times are upon you, and your choice of food is little you do with what you can get. And psy vampires are not just bound to human energy, though it certainly is the nicest option. It has the right frequency and taste, like a juicy steak. Compared to a vegan meal. [Note: Vegan meals can be delicious, but see feeding from trees/nature as early vega burgers, yuck.]
The difference is that the energy has a different frequency and you’ll feel less full-filled. Like drinking water instead of a nice tall glass of beer. You need to transmute the energy to something fitting life energy and it is the vegan option, so it never is as good!
Yet, in these hard times we are in it might be the best solution.
And I mean it, with all of us stuck at home, what else? Even if your donor lives in the same house, they will just as much need that energy to stay healthy in a dire time like this.
Covid19 really got us all down, be it donor, vampires or anybody else. Everybody will require their energy just to fight off this disease.
To add to it, there is no public travel.  Neither are bars open, discos, gyms, churches and schools. And whatever is open is due to the limitation of foot traffic very low on thrown away/wasted energy. In short, the main resources for psy vampires that try to feed ethical are running very thin. Many of us all now stuck in our own little bubble, and any vampire will get hungry. That never ends.

Ethical Feeding

The thing is that if you right now take energy of people who require is to stay healthy and safe. You are endangering them. And I can’t stop anybody from doing that but if possible try more ethical ways. Even if it means going vegan for a while. And I know as Psy vampire just how much it will suck, pardon that expression. Because I rather wouldn’t either. My preferred choice stays human frequency energy in thick layers found in public places. That is in my eyes already a pretty ethical way going at it without requiring a willing donor. But than this happens and those places hardly have enough energy to run the non-energizer bunny. And the need to feed remains, so what are you going to do?

Going Vegan

No matter its weak taste and feel the earth energy carries a lot of life energy. Just in another frequency without the punch that human life energy seems to have. There is still energy around us we can feed on, if not slower and needing a bit of work. I know that many of us are used to the rich steak like frequency and consistency of human life energy. So rich, so delightful, so tasty. But sometimes you have to do with less.

Earths Gift

Earths energy is slow, very slow, so slow that is easily can be used as grounding to get rid of energy. So how do you draw higher frequency life energy out of it to feed from? You have to treat the energy. You could go outside, if allowed, and sit in a park, again if allowed, for a few hours. Slowly drawing in the energy and taking little nibbles. Earths energy is clean in most situations so little filtering is required. But with its low frequency it can take quite a while.
When trained a good public area feeding in the good times and locations can be done in mere minutes. And give you that lovely rush. Feeding from earth will be a lot slower, and you’ll miss the taste.
Transmutation is your option, drawing the energy close to you and raising [at the cost of some energy] the frequency to something more palatable. Much like you can turn grape juice into wine. A bit of treatment and it gets a lot more fun. It still will be a slow process though, yet it should keep that hunger from rising up to quickly. It can take many weeks maybe months before our feeding grounds are normal again. The safe second option might be what is left to us. We can survive on it, not sure if we can thrive on it though.

Turning Economic Mode On

This is just a theory, but after many years of improving energy flows and methodology. Pushing how long one can last with energy I do have the idea that there are ways to extend how long one can last with a limited amount of energy.
Like a car can get an economical tune to give it more Miles Per Gallon.
Now, this is not possible for everybody, first of all years of working on energy improvements and adjustments is not something one can be taught within just a few weeks.
Second it depend on the situation, if you are stuck with kids, work issues, have to take care of people and so on it is obvious you’ll require more energy to burn. But I am certain that many energy vampires already can handle energy better compared to when they were just awoken.
Finding out if there is any leakage, what costs a lot of energy and how you can make the needed changes/adjustments can buy you time. Again, life can be tough and you can’t have many options.

Final Notes

I wish I still could go to public areas and feed. But with how little there is left there hardly is reason to even start. Not to mention, social distancing, and the chance to get Covid whenever you go out. It isn’t worth it.
I don’t have all answers but I have hope. That with some adjustments we will make it through. Just as we make it through the uncertain times, being stuck at home and mentally staying sane.
I just hope that this article can bring you ideas and insight.