Thursday, March 25, 2021

Safely Releasing Tension

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 25 March 2021

Emotional and Energy Overloads

We life in a world in what we are expected to behave certain ways, act certain ways and follow certain rules. We are told to behave, expected to behave and “othered” when we don’t. How many haven’t been pushed out of accepted society because they were too different?  

Yet we are human, and nobody is perfect. Energy and emotions build up, many of us can’t easily find others to talk to about emotional issues or other issues. Our society expects us to be strong and able to walk on our own. And it is the question if you got a partner if they are going to take the role of listening ear. 

This leads to heavy builds up in the end which can lead to some really explosive behaviors. Which lead to even more eyes looking at us and fingers pointing at us. 

The question is how to release that all safely. Because if you can’t release the energy somewhere it can easily lead to blockages and rising tension. Which breaks! Usually violent.

 Lets talk about Volcanos! You’ll understand why I go into this soon enough.


I am not sure if you were the kid in school that loved learning, or you were bored and do other things but Vulcanos are points in the earth where magma from below cause a lot of tension. At times it breaks through the thin skin the earth has and causes a releases. Much like a pimple, vulcanos always have been around ever since this little ball of matter formed and clumped together. 

There is always tension in earth as long as there is heat in the core and with moving tracts of landplates vulcanos will always show up.

My question to you; what kind of vulcano are you? One that builds up till it explodes violently or one that has pressure releases?

Humans also can store a lot of tension much like a battery. They go through their days, shit happens, they worry about things. They are not sure how they can talk to and then just as the pressure is very high…something bad happens and BOOM you explode. It usually isn’t even the fault of the last person to talk to you but… it just happened. It was the last bit of pressure needed to make it happen.

This happens to everybody! Babies can cry if they need something or are unhappy, and once grown up you have to release the tension better and explain your disagreements in a more fitting matter. Being a grown up sucks right. Being responsible for your actions doesn’t always mean your emotions agree with the rest of the expectations.

A healthy mental way to deal with such is to release some of such tension on way or another in something. Usually suggested is someone to talk to, who is willing to listen without judging. Or find something like sport to pour that energy out into.

Vesuvius versus Hawaii

I talk about two different main vulcanos here. Vesuvius is the vulcano that builds up, and up, to explode quickly and sharply with a lot of force. It can be silent for a long while and hence dangerous. You could trust that all is fine, but underwhile the last bit of pressure is building up till the big boom. Even you can’t say when it breaks. Just that it is close to exploding.

The second type of volcano is the the ones you see on Hawai. They are always going off and release a steady flow of lava out. But this also means that they are known, well monitored and due to the release of tension huge eruptions don’t happen as much. 

The danger you don’t see is the most dangerous after all. 

There are also super volcanoes but that is a whole different ball game. The type you get when a marriage with a terrible choice of mate finally breaks and all the negative feelings in one flow break out. Ouch! 


Of course one way to deal with problems is to deal with the cause. Sometimes we can’t really or require help from others too. Sometimes it means stopping meeting certain people or finding other work, if possible. Sometimes it means dealing with a nasty past that still shadows you. 

And sometimes it is just a lot of factors that on itself wouldn’t cause trouble too much ending up on the same few days. We can’t always clear up with a cause, but if we try to fix a few of those underway things improve a lot. And I don’t say it is easy because some times there are huge issues that take years to heal. Release of the energy is the first part though. Draining out the energy to allow healing.

On a more average level new work, issues at work, money issues, kids sick etc can lead to a lot of pressure building up. Little things that all together are too much. 

Safe and Healthy ways to get rid of energy

Much energy can be rid off through guided release of it through actions, like running, boxing and other activities. Some of us make paintings filled with our emotions or write words. Emotions are like pressure in this situation they have to go somewhere. When musicians go through bad times they make sad songs. When they explode their songs are raw like mothers little explosions.

Metal is a healthy form of music, it is full of emotion and sometimes positive too. But usually very raw and strong. It is one of those places where you can yell and bang your head and feel so good after such. A metalsingers scream is very close to a baby using its one and only method to be noticed. 

Of course, there are always the people who are there to listen to you and who are trained guide you through releasing such and thinking about things. Trained to listen and put 1+1 they can guide you into dealing with the underlying issues. But many things are just normal daily rising tensions and issues. Which can’t be talked away. But have to be taken out another way.

It is healthy to keep draining rising pressures one way or another. And taking care of yourself also means taking time to mentally release energy. So it won’t explode in the worst of moments. Think after a busy week do a sport activity that you can push most of that energy into. You’ll feel much better and the energy has been used well. 

Personally I am well self-trained with grounding so I can ground myself, areas, or others. 

And I can see how rebirthing retreats and other strange sounding things make sense for the Japanese society. A very closed off and expecting society in what one has to be subservant to the system. Having an own Identity is bad there. Ah, so much rising tension. Hence the drinking! 

I am sure you have some ideas how to deal with tension, pressure and sometimes deep laying pains. What matters is making sure it doesn’t crawls upon you and you explode. Healthy regular tension release is good for everybody.


What kind of Vulcano are you?

What do you do to release pressure?

When did you have the last big explosion?

Is how you deal with things different these days then your childhood?

What suggestions do you have for others?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Podcast In Work

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 14 March 2021

The Podcast to be

I have been working on a podcast. Which in many ways is taking what is written down in blog posts and turned into a more friendly travel version of audio. Podcasts are their own beast with their own rules and their own ways to do things. As usual this requires some learning, adjusting, making preparations and spending energy and time into new skills. 

The good news is that with my work within the community and working on this blog I got some experience in that. Still it will take a lot of work.

Topic of the Podcast

The podcast will be about vampirism, as seen within our community. Different types of vampirism, methods to feed safely, how to keep yourself safe and there will be a few guests with specific knowledge and experience that will aid others. 

Vampirism is a wide topic, some things I have experience with and I know about. And others that I don’t have experience myself with. Hence the guests which are big names with the community will bring in their stories and insights.

Work Done

I got access to important voices of the community who are willing to speak. I got the microphone and did research in what makes a functional podcast. Through making this blog I have learned a lot about structuring information in a suitable way. And I have followed a course in telling stories in as short a way as possible. 

Mostly I got experience with being active in more public ways. I play theater after all so being seen or heard is not something I am scared off. And taught me certain skills. 

I have listened too many podcasts and picked up what should work for the format. Every type of podcast can be different and need a slightly different plan. Finding out what should work the best for the specific podcast is important.

And the first podcast has been recorded and edited. Ready to go out once I got a few more technical things out of the way.

Last things in the Way

A lot of things are automated. I got the software for it, the microphone and have looked at how it works. One thing is a reality, services that automate things for you cost money. So that means I will pay for a service to handle the automation.

It is not as simple as just uploading the audio files on a webserver and making an RSS. You do want a bit more to make it something people will listen too. You need to think of a brand even in the early days. Sure just beginning and in one day uploading something is one way but I am sure something goes horribly wrong and requires many days of fixing following that. I know just how bad a hastily plan can go. 

Almost there

I am almost there, work wise, a few more recordings to get a nice stash to start the que with. Working out the plan and of course making a lot of podcasts and getting the interviews done. 

I am happy so far. To get a message out there are many ways. And a podcast from within our own community is a nice addition. So wait a little while for the last things to be put in place and I will reveal the shiny fresh podcast about vampirism. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Shielding, Grounding, and Meditation

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date:8 March 2021

Why learn these basics? 

Shielding, grounding, and meditation can aid everybody. Definitely those who are energy sensitive or work with magic and energy. 

If you got an inkling of gifts learning these basic tools will offer you a strong footing and feeling of security. They will get you out of trouble in many cases, or at least teach you how to withstand the storms. 

The world is one of energy, it is swirling all around, and we are bombarded with it. Many of use are seemingly insensitive to it, though not truly. But those who have woken up will strongly be affected by it. And hence have to learn how to deal with it.

Like a Muscle

Energy works like these are like muscles, at first you be very bad with it or have a very short duration that you can keep it up. Like muscles the more you do it the better you get at it. So at first you might only be able to shield simple things very shortly. Do it enough though and you get better at it and can keep it up longer. Many years later it becoming second nature. To the point that one can do it without trying.


Visualization is the key in energy works. You will it to happen, you see it happen, so it happens. With shielding you see the energy reach the barrier point and bounce off. You will it to be and so it be done. 


In grounding one connects with earth and nature, much like a tree has deep roots. Through such one can release energy into the earth. And earth can handle a lot of energy, much more then we can. This lowers one own energy down and releasing tension and overcharge. 

It is drawing a wire from the earth and connecting either you or an area to it, much like a tree root connects things. Like the trees can withstand the storms and can take the large amount of rain it allows you to withstand the storm and find your own peace again. Trees survive storms, and so can you.

Many people in tune with nature don’t wear shoes as much as many for a good reason. Contact with fresh earth offers a great contact for grounding. Though yes shoes do have a great function and in some areas I would definitely suggest to wear shoes. I tell you Lego Pieces are not fun to walk into. Also snow, brrrr!


Sit somewhere and visualize that from the earth a tree root grows to you. Then let the tree root take the energy you don’t want. 

Visualize that tree roots grow around a room that is high in energy and again let those take the high levels of energy you don’t want to deal with.


Grounding is great and useful. But as with all that is natural there is doing things too much. Balance is the key. If you force too much energy out of an area it becomes very slow. Too much earth energy can be quite odd.


The storm is out there, better to hide inside, a cozy hut seems in reach. A wall between you and the blasting wind and rain. That is shielding. It is putting a wall between you and something else, blocking it from reaching you. For instance, there is a fight in the air, like a pregnant sky waiting to break out. And you can’t really leave the house since it is your family and all. So… you go into your own little safe hut waiting for the storm to break out. A nice little cozy spot with strong walls that will survive the harsh wind and rain. 

But it isn’t always negative situations like that, for energy sensitives going to huge public places can be “interesting.” Your extra senses might just be overcharged by so much they pick up. Shielding will allow you to pass through the market place in a much saner way.

A combination of shielding and grounding will make it much harder to push you off your seat.


Visualize a see through bubble, then visualize it bigger and around you. Once such is done will it to block certain things, like the energy of a specific person or of an area. Be specific, try to play with what you can block and how much work and energy it takes.

Practice with getting the walls of the shield closer to you until it is a much closer fit to you. 


Meditation, ah, how lately we been hearing a lot about that right. You probably think about monks sitting hours in seemingly trance or chanting to gongs. That is one way to meditate.

But there are many ways to meditate. The main thing is that meditation allows you to release all the troubles of the days at a momentand with that much less build up exists. If you don’t crop up things you are less affected by it. And make better choices. 

And yes, the “clear your mind” is kinda bullshit and yet true. You can’t force your mind to go silent. No! The trick is to give your mind space to do what it needs to do to release its thoughts and energies in a guided way. 

Our busy western world brains are filled to the brim with thoughts, much like a highway filled with cars. Obviously there will be some honking! 

You are allowed to have those stray thoughts float around, fight it as you wish, try to push it back. That doesn’t works. No, let it float it and then send if off on its own cloud free to go where it wants. At a point you got rid of those most those thoughts and your head ought to clear itself. In our busy lives a lot builds up, so don’t expect that traffic jam of thoughts to be out of your head in 1 hour ;)


Sit somewhere and allow your brains to go free, ideas will float up, don’t fight it and try to push it back. Let them be for a while then send them off in the clouds. The freed space you made will inevitable be taken by another thought so the first few times you are bound to get little actual rest. But slowly and surely you clear that highway in your head and finds moments of rest. As long as you do it regular. 

You also can get this from doing something active, like cycling or running, your body is busy but your mind now has space to do the same as above. Just be sure you are safe of course. 

And you might also want to look into journaling to the the most powerful thoughts out of your head. Those tend to stick around.


It is important also to keep a journal. Foresight depends on being able to look into the past and make smart choices based upon those memories. A journal in what you write how you feel, what went on and if things went well or not will give you insight in how to handle events further ahead. 

A smart person remembers the past. A journal, a pen and daily writing what happened can do wonders. Journals also can be used for less then daily tasks, for instance a magical journal for magical workings or a journal for a specific use. 

But daily journaling is a great way to get stuff out of your mind on paper. And later you can look back and notice patterns.

Patterns, ah yes, you might not know it yet but what if, just hear me out, what if you have bad days or weeks around certain times. But you can’t put your finger on it, seeing that pattern might lead you to dive into your journal to see what could be the main influence. 

What if you get bad days always following meeting certain people? Or dealing with certain issues? Knowing the pattern means you can make a change


Start a journal, write daily, even if it seems boring. What happened that day, how did you feel. Opinions and so on. Treat the Journal as person you can talk too. Only once you have enough material you can really look back and see the patterns.

Seeing the Patterns

As pointed above it is hard to see the forest for the trees, it is once you got a lot of trees you know about the forest. Months and  years of journals will become the forest out of the trees. You’ll be able to fly above the forest like a hawk, learning more about yourself, your desires and behaviors and indeed dangers. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

December 2020 Update

Author: Masticina Akicta 

Date: 28 December 2020

Looking Back

Happy Holidays? Eh! And let's end this year! I didn't have many postings this year. What can I say, Covid, busy with other projects. Stuff happens! 

But I had a few nice posts. 

  • February 23 I had a post about the different roles within the vampire community. The role we tend to float into, not rigid, but take parts off. 
  • March 29 I had a post about Covid and Ethical Feeding for Psy Vampires. Aka how to feed safe during this horrible situation. 
  • April 19 I talked about Covid and the vampire Community.
  • June 23 I wrote about how Summer was in the Town. Ah yes vampires as the sun, aren't we happy about that! 
  • July 31 I wrote about Vampires, Donors and Covid. Yes covid again. Isn't it lovely how shot this year was! 
  • August 28 I looked back on a peaceful summer
  • August 28 I also wrote about Vampire Awakenings, an useful topic
  • September 22 it was all about finding your Tribe. An useful thing to know within such a big community.
  • October 2nd it was about the Age of Fear! How covid was putting us against each other even worse then the years before! 
  • October 18 there was a post about the Nightside Identity, an useful thing to have for most of us!
  • November 9th, Elections and Energy. Or in short how the energy around that time was INSANE! As if Eris was having a tea party!
  • Ending the year with November 17 talking about how Boxes are for Cats. In short, how labels are useful but we should not try to fit in a box that wasn't made for us. 

Feelings about this month

December is not a great month for me. Due to personal life and some long standing memories. I always take a nice break in December. I don't like how this month easily falls apart and nothing makes sense anymore. Not to mention the last two weeks are lost and one has to deal with suddenly extra "free" days. Free isn't the right word as society has expectations of such days. 

Also the amount of food one has to get in the house, the preparations. I am not a fan of doing a lot of work for a holiday. Like this Holidays should be about relaxation; not about having to run like an idiot to get things done in time, make sure you got enough food in house for the days you can't shop, being sure you are on time with all the long term issues and so on. Also this year was even more fun due to Covid limitations. In short my mood was shot! Blog posts written on a bad mood are not that good.

Things in the Short Que

There are a few upcoming topics I want to post about. Can't make promises but a few should be worth it.

For instance I am still working on a post about awakening the sense as an addition to the sixth senses article. 

There is an article about Prana/Chi/Life Energy. Which needs some more research! I don't like to make things to deep but this needs a few hooks. 

I have an article in the short que about Vampirism and Paganism. Aka, vampires and the witchcraft/energy/pagan community. I am sure we all see how that goes at times. 

I am also looking at a nice basic book list. So new vampires, and awoken ones, can get  a short list what books they probably want to read. 

There is a nice one, feeding from nature, aka munch on trees. Or also known as the Covid Diet! 

And a few more which I need to see if I want to keep. It is always good to have a few articles around that might be published on this blog, or work on ideas flowing from them instead. 

In short I have some topics for blog ahead of me. Just need the energy and mental space to get it done. Also some require research! And I am terrible with research!

Ideas Floating around

I have a few ideas floating around. Which if I can get things to work might get running. Like a Podcast, but that would be a lot of work, a lot of preparation, a lot of finding out just what makes sense to do. And of course who I can invite over as guest. The technical Issues alone will be a lot. And coming year I have a few things to get running in my personal life too. So yeah, at least I can lay the ground work right?

2021 Ahoy

I hope that 2021 quickly brings an end to Covid and that soon enough our world is sane again and functional. That we all can have an as normal life again as possible. 

Still I hope that the lessons of 2020 remain in the back, we did learn to do things different. And some ideas might not be that bad. I didn't mind having to do certain things from home. And just as in War, technology tends to change quickly when shit hits the fan. 2020 was one of those years! And we grew quickly. I got in contact with quite a few people online which else I would never have. Count your blessings! 

So on 2021! May it bring good to many! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Boxes are for Cats


Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 17 November 2020

Boxes are for Cats

Isn't it cute? Getting out a fresh box and the cat will play in it or even sleep in it. Well, that is great for cats but it isn't for us. As cozy as that box might look. 

Putting yourself in a box is giving yourself an identity and limiting yourself based upon such identity. Accepting the walls around you as limitations isn't always the best way. Painting yourself in a corner is neither, that would be the far reaching effect of boxing yourself in. I wonder how schrodingers cat is doing. Ah! Back to the blog-post.

The thing is that just accepting and using a label doesn't means having to use all the trappings of a label. And that there are nuances, differences, and connections you as person can deal with that fall outside said label. 

The Power of Labels

Humans love to label things, tree, air, leaf, dog, cat, box. A label allows our brains to connect things together and give it values. To understand the world better. From young on we are taught how useful labels are. "The Red Ball." We have a ball and it is red! Language and Communication requires labels and identities. 

What does this mean for our community? Within the vampire community we use a certain set of labels to define ourself and to show others in the know what they can expect from us. It is a not so secret handshake, or if using certain words, a secret handshake that allow us to recognize others and understand where they come from.

Sanguinary vampires feed on blood. Psi vampires on life energy, hybrids have a preference for both. Med Sangs try to find out just what in blood makes it work. And Sexual Vampires feed through sexual acts.

Vampire itself means, at least in our inner culture, something different then the books and movies. But it is a term that makes us easier to find. A key that once people have entered the door they can learn more about our community and members. And our plight. 

Labels in short allow us to use words and within the community agreed upon meanings allow us to work together. And of course the expected meaning from outside the community.

Yet using those doesn't mean that all of us don't have individual differences. 

Each of us is different in the end and with different life experiences leading us into the place we ended up. The Label allows us to quicker get another to understand things, but the truth usually is more subtle and it is understood that as individuals we all have our own experience within said label. In short, we don't fill the box equally! Boxes can differ, even if all are labeled Banana. How we deal with things and just what it means to us can differ, even within the same label. But on average we can agree that some labels have an use to pull us together.

The Power of Community

Communities drive us to work together, learn, study, support and teach others. For that we have learned to use certain language, labels. And yes with that from the outside it seems as if certain archetypes show up. The Labels, boxes, help us quicker to get insight. But the true insight always takes more time. 

Again, even if we use equal words and agree upon meaning. Just how we are affected by it and how we handle it differs.

The labels help community lead you to where you need to start. But in the end the search will require much inner research.

Finding your Own Identity

What matters is finding ones own Identity. And with that your strengths, weaknesses and of course your requirements to survive. Each of us is different after all but we share in the core many things. And talking to other can make you think, lead you to where you need to seek. Yet equally one is free to research many options. 

That takes time, and with that comes trappings and labels, finding out just what it all means. A Sang who feeds on blood will obviously require methods to feed safely and donors. Also deal with donor and blood safety. So the label sang should at least tell those in the know what you have to deal with. And lead you quickly to resources you need. 

How easy or bad it gets depends on the situation you as individual are in. And every individual is made up of multiple labels if you think about it. Again society loves to label things! 

Everybody is Different

As Brian once said, "You are all individuals." 

Everybody is different and yet we have many things in common. And we can find ourselves in those common realities. Just remember, the experience of one person doesn't has to be yours. Meaning that ones person easy way to get food might not work too well for someone else who doesn't has access to donors. Or the experience of a Psy vampire can and usually will be quite different from a sang vampire. Even among psy vampires the different methods and situations we are in make the insight we require different.

So keep your eyes and ears open and accept that everybody is on another path. Yet, through our common problems we can help each other out with advice and teachings. 

So when a new member shows up within the community the labels lead them to the place that they might find help. Yet in time they also should understand that they are more then just that label. And that everybody has their own issues and things to deal with. 

Strength through Diversity

Which leads me to this part, strength through Diversity! Differences lead to different ways of thinking, different strengths and weaknesses and yes also different needs. Meaning different solutions to fix problems and through working together and sharing insight the community reaches a better way to guide those who are new. 

This is for good and bad, disagreements are normal. But in the end we need to work together as a small community!

Teachers are Guides and so are You.

Other vampires can hand you information, show you the way to find information. Talk with you about the veracity of information you found and even safely teach you many useful skills. 

But you should be in command as student. And understand that every teacher is also a student in a long path through life. There are many new method and things you might be able to share with the community. 

I leave you with these words, remember your own identity and don't let others rewrite it. Instead grow into your true self and learn many new things. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

About Elections and Energy

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 9 November 2020

About Elections and Energy

Elections are a part many of societies. At least in many societies that claim to have freedom. Lets be fair there are elections in China but with only one party it is a bit of a sham isn't it! 

This post is about how Election Time can lead to very strange energies. Very opposite, you versus them. Pitting people against each other and leading to huge ruptures in society and throughout such the world of energy we create. Energy that can be felt far away.

Psychic Radio

Those who are psychically sensitive, like psychic vampires, do receive energy like a radio. The energy is out there like the radio signals, but not everybody can pick them up and understand them. Witches, Psychics, and Psychic Vampires by their nature become much more capable of picking up that energy. To the point that it can get too much for us.

And this years election in America was a hell. It felt as if the earth was screaming. And as if everything was aflame. Think a million voices screaming at the same time bad.

Empathic Wavelengths

Feelings can ripple through the system too. Many times I had to ask myself are these my own thoughts and feelings or someone else. One has to be sure to protect themselves against those effects.

How stronger the emotions how harder it is to stay neutral yourself. And trying to ground and shield all that away isn't unloving, but one has to defend oneself too. That means at times taking oneself out of the situation. 

This election I felt and tasted a lot of fear and anger. The society was lashing out, fearful, ripping and biting. Not strange that things happened. The level of inner pain was beyond anything I have dealt with before. And trying to not be taken by it was hard. For my own mental health I definitely took a few days off. 

The Storm Front

Yes, that title, I know. As the year rose, Covid perked up and forced huge changes upon society. And cause huge damage a rising cloud of pain, anger, distrust rose up and turned into one of the worst looking storm clouds I ever felt. To say that it was oppressive would be a nice way of saying it. 

Around Saturday after the voting the chance of rain was rising quickly. And on Sunday it all broke out raining away so many things. By now the energy feels cleared again, cleaner... there are still fires here and there burning. Pain that will take long to go away. But it feels like after a big rain cloud. And energy is not oppressive anymore but rising. 

Financial Potential

I live in Europe. So down to the point, I have no vote in the American election. I can at most like or dislike a potential candidate. And American politics always comes over as insanity to me. It must be strange living in a country where there are only two parties effectively. And they always fight each other.

I know enough people though who are directly or closely affected by it. And in Europe our trade and growth is also connected with world trade and agreements. So whoever is president in the USA does affects us strongly.

European Politics tend to like the democratic choice for the ability to co-operate. That is as far as I picked up.


So, the elections are done. Well there is the rumbling of lawsuits, recounts and more. Not to mention a suddenly liking of glitch-hop. But finally they are done. The air is clean again, well cleaner... there is still a lot of work ahead. But from Europe I can say things feel fresh as after a raincloud finally broke out. A few patches of rain are still in the valley. 

Rest Returns

The day after, the earth still drying, the smell of rain still in the air. A silence has risen in. A huge change in energy, from chaotic and ripping at people to more peaceful. At least what I pick up from Europe. 

The Gestalt can be strong indeed. So many people together creating so much energy... 

Lets hope that the future brings many positive things. Things like getting rid of Covid or at least lowering its danger to a common cold. An economy that pulls back up, shops that re-open. People we can meet again and activities that become available again. Positive stuff...

Sunday, October 18, 2020

What is a Nightside Identity

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 18 October 2020

So what is a Nightside Identity

A Nightside Identity is a different Identity then you would use for your Family and Work. Much like a mask you would wear, a different name you use of your birth name.  This is done for many reasons, some obvious, some less obvious. 

Why have a Nightside Identity

Because you want your vampire activity not to bleed into the realm where your family or work can find it. Many people within the vampire community are not out of the coffin yet.

 The world can be very judgmental and people finding out you are part of the vampire community might raise questions. Not that legally there is anything bad about being member off the vampire community. It is just that some people are very judgmental and fear things they don't understand. It might affect your job chances or how your family treats you. 

Definitely if you are young, you rather not want to be institutionalized because your family disagrees with things.

It is about Safety Stupid

One of the things that the VC offers is insight in how to get blood, life energy and other things. It has a lot to teach about safe feeding, how to get and keep blood fine and methods that some might feel are troubling.

Just think of how your direct family would handle it if they learn you know a lot about drawing blood. Or knows you got a stacks of of needles. That won't go well with some people!

It would be the talk of the church, or talk in town if the town is small enough.

As much as some vampires can be out in public and teaching people about it. Not all can be out of the Coffin yet. 

There are also some people who want to hurt our community or members who are troubled and might endanger you. If they knew your real identity! 

Being Out and Proud

Some vampires are out, they are known! Usually their job also is within the pagan, occult or vampire community. A place where being not the usual is expected.

Be it writers or connected to jobs that are more open to things. Or at least not judging. Who judges the DJ who seems to have a rather interesting background, if said DJ makes great nights in the club! 

Or members of BDSM clubs who are known to be part of that world by some in the public. 

If a writer or artist is known to be part of the vampire community it can open up communications. Questions to them what the community stands for, what vampirism is and so on. There are good reasons for some members to be public. Obviously not everybody can be out of the coffin yet though. And some will never desire or can be out of the coffin. And that is fine. Safety first!

Out or In

So the question; Is it smart to have the world know about your vampirism and membership of the vampire community? That is up to you.

Obviously a few people will learn but there is a different between being out of the coffin totally or that only a few trusted people know it. 

This is a huge reason why we have a Nightside name, a mask we can wear to keep trouble from reaching our family and friends.

The reason why many strangers slide through the community. Their true name unknown.