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Ethics within the Vampire Community

 Ethics within the Vampire Community

Author: Masticina Akicta

Contributors: TheRedDragon1966

Date: 10 May 2022

What are Ethics

Ethics are rules to life by, rules to be a good and trust-able person. Rules that others within groups expect to go by so everybody can work together. And some are enshrined in laws to protect society.

Some are personal ethics, and the ethics of every person can differ based upon upbringing, religion, situation, and other influences. 

Ethics can be connected to life choices, like being vegan or vegetarian. Or trying to be as green as possible in the way they life. Or support certain causes or try to cause change into the world that one deems as positive. 

Every society has some form of ethics, expected behavior. 

Do not steal and do not kill for instance. There are laws for that, but it is also an ethical issue. 

Help other people when they need it, a common one, not enforced by any state law. But many will try to follow such. 

In short ethics are personal rules to life by, some enshrined by laws to protect society, others are personal. 

Vampirism and Ethics

Vampires got many problems, one of them is that they need to feed. Their choice of source can be quite limited indeed, sanguinary vampires will have little choice but through blood. Be it from a donors or even animal blood. Getting this is a topic that many sanguinary vampires talk about and there are guides written by them.  

Eros vampires, the succubus and incubus feed during sex. Getting consent is obviously an important part here. And they also need to find willing playmates/donors.

Psychic vampires have a bit more choice in resources and methods. But they have a bad name because untrained psychic vampires use the worst methods. You heard of them, they are either very draining personalities or caustic. They cause trouble, and things never seem to be right around them. This raises emotions and hence energy in the people around them which they feed off. They are sometimes called Emotional vampires. And many guides have been written by energy workers how to deal with them! 

With many ways to feed for psychic vampires finding one that is ethical and with consent is hard, but within reach. And situations happen when little choice there is. 

Choice of Feeding - Psychic vampire

As a psychic vampire I have learned a lot of things about feeding, methods, safety and others. 

 So lets start there. The most ethical way to feed is to find a donor, a willing person who can consent and you two talk through it and make sure it is done safely. 

But you can’t find a donor? You and many other vampires. So what are your other options. 

One is to do the what I find the most troubling route is just to cause a ruckus or trouble then feed from the energy released by others. You won’t end up with many friends that way! It is why we have such a bad name. Do you really want to be known as that troublemaker? Or person who always has a hard time/issues? 

Another way is to learn to control your tendrils, part of your energy system and feed targeted. There are different ways in doing this too. See, feel the energy and nibble from here and there. With a donor this is how you connect over distance, out there in busy public places it is how you can gather hovering energy released freely.

For instance a highly unethical way, but many vampires have done it, is by using tendrils to connect to an unknowing/unwilling person and feed from them. I shouldn’t have to point out WHY this isn’t the most ethical way ever. Sanguinary vampires would point out that this is like running around with lancets and attacking people. 

An ethical solution is to instead feed from an area, not targeting one human or the humans inside but the area. This require a human activity and movement rich area. Different locations have different levels of energy, ah a disco/bar can be delicious, a shopping mall or busy train-station is fine. To keep it ethical do not feed directly from others, but feed from the area! There is a difference here. This is where learning to filter and process energy will help too. I have survived for years on this more ethical diet. 

Nature is another option, the energy is slow, very slow, but with a bit of training and adjustment can offer some food value. Yes you are munching trees, and no it isn’t very tasty! But if worst come to shove, aka covid, you can survive on it for a while. Just not thrive. The early months of covid, no travel, no nothing, all I had was nature and trees. I survived not thrived! 

Finding a Donor

The big D, donor that is! A person willing to give you blood, or energy. Better respect them for offering, and finding one is the big question.

There are a few websites that try to connect vampires and donors like The Black books: https://theblackbooks.net(external) , and once people find out that you are a vampire some might become a donor. What can I say, vampires have that beacon thing, that won’t only attract other vampires but also donors and energy sensitives. Of course it is a bit of a freak magnet so buyers beware. Be double sure to check you you tell your true nature off.

A Donor should understand your needs, what their role is, and most important that it is done safe and with consent. In short, you talk through things, how it works, how to do it safe and tell them that they can say NO! I just saw some people from the BDSM community nod their head. Lets talk about the Donor Consent and rights.

Donor Consent and other matters

Before a donor can offer their energy and/or blood to you there are some issues. First they need to understand what they are going to do. They need to consent and be able to consent. I am sure that some youngin’s will skirt that last part at times. Mostly as choices are little. 

What matters is that the Donor knows what is going on, that the method is safe, that you deal with the aftercare and that they can say STOP! They retain control! Yes a vampire can be hungry but, the donor safety and health matters. 

A vampire also can decide depending on the situation if it is safe to feed. Sanguinary vampires highly probably require regular blood checks for blood born diseases. That is not a luxury! And if the vampire notices that the donor isn’t 100% stable or healthy they should decide to post-phone the feeding. 

It sounds harsh to the vampires but treating people right opens up doors. 

A Sang’s Point of View

A Friend of mine, who is Sanguinary Vampire, has written down her experiences and insight into the vampire-donor relationship, safety and more. Her insight and experience with these matters ought to aid.

A Sanguinary’s points of view

“A vampire may choose to seek out a human blood donor to alleviate symptoms and as a means of maintaining health and wellbeing. Often, a donor is chosen from within the vampire’s social circle such a family member, a spouse, lover, a friend, or an acquaintance. Exhausting these resources, the vampire may choose to advertise for a donor via a posted advertisement.

Both the vampire and donor need to be of legal age of consent, be mentally stable, fully competent, and able to understand and consent to the procedure of having blood drawn and subsequently ingested.

Please note that the legalities surrounding consent and the ingestion of human blood is complex is greatly dependent upon the country and region in which you live and well beyond the scope of this document.

The amount of blood ingested, frequency and methods utilized to extract same varies widely. Aftercare with the donor the next day to ensure they are feeling well and to check that a wound is healing properly. Discussion around how much aftercare; if any; is something that can be negotiated.

Blood screening to rule out underlying medical issues and contagious diseases should not only be expected but insisted upon by the parties involved. How often these need to be completed can be negotiated between the vampire and donor; and may be dependent upon the personal history and lifestyles. Be aware that when dealing with bodily fluids; even with the best of care, there are always risks. Do keep in confidence any personal disclosure of medical and personal information.

Abuse of any kind should never be tolerated or condoned. Including verbal abuse such as name calling, slander, ridicule, intimidation, verbal or physical threats, coercion, emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, or physical violence.

The nature of the relationship between vampire and donor is special and it cannot be understated as it is very much about consent, negotiation, and trust between the parties involved. People and situations are every evolving and thus negotiation and consent is an ongoing process. 

Remember, both vampires and donors are people. They have lives, careers, families, friends, and acquaintances and share the same emotions, feelings, and concerns as everyone else in society and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.“

- TheRedDragon1966

Donor Bill of Rights

One of the early things that rolled out of working together between different houses were things like The Black Veil, how vampires should behave, and The Donor Bill of Rights, how donors ought to be treated and their rights. The Black Veil is a topic of its own.

Neither of these are air tight legal documents but many vampires try to stick to these. 

The Donor Bill of Rights(External): http://www.neworleansvampireassociation.org/donor-bill-of-rights.html

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Update and feeling Pekish, insight in some future posts and activity

Update and Feeling Pekish

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 4 May 2022


Time for an update, I have been busy. Hunting apartments, reacting, on a few I was allowed to visit and about a month ago I finally moved. It took a while. But also a lot of energy and attention. The market here is insane! The waiting time is… ah I am sure you are not here to me vent over that. It was a hard long search. 

But in the good news, this blog is NOT dead, there are plans. As usual things just had a little enforced break. Some big plans plans are re-awoken too now things are stabilizing. Less crap around the move, more time for other stuff. 

Also upcoming post will be about Ethics, I am co-writing this with someone because ethics is not a simple issue. And to offer insight from a sanguinary insight too. It will be a good post! We are still editing it to perfection

Feeling Hungry

So on the topic, it has been a move, and I haven’t fed in a while. I feel it, my skin feels thin, I react sharper on things, I am rougher around people and a certain hunger. Even animals seem more worried around me then usual. Which is odd. Many of us vampires know what I mean. It isn’t that bad yet but I feel it. Which means I need to feed soon.

I am moved though so I need a new feeding spot, I feed ambient, non contact wise. Lacking a donor right now that is the option I have. For that I need an area where many people either move through or gather for longer times. Not sure if I like a local church for it. 

But I will find a ETHICAL spot to feed. Yeah. I will.

Now, hopefully next week Friday we have the post about Ethics. It feels good working together with others for things like that.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

About vultures and psychic vampires

 About vultures and psychic vampires

Author: Masticina Akicta

Editor: Wren/Moonfeather

Date: 26 September 2021

The Balance of nature

In nature there is balance, things are born and die, and things grow and rot. In the world of energy this isn’t much different either and some of us are more suited for the “clean up” job than many trained and skilled healers. Gifted in ways some of them never have heard of.

The Vulture

The Vulture is a beautiful animal if you think about it. Sure the way that it lives and the fact that it eats carcasses can be seen as “icky”, yet it has a very important role in nature. Just like some insects and fungi clean up, so do the vultures, as they do so, they stop the spread of diseases like botulism to healthy living animals. Sounds useful right? 

Their stomach acid is so powerful that it dissolves bones and kills diseases that could otherwise kill creatures less suited to the job of cleaning up decaying bodies. 

The Role of the Psychic Vampire

Vampires exist, psychic vampires exist, and within the energy community, similar to vultures, we don’t have the best name because of the role we play.. Energy vampires are usually very capable in handling energy that makes most energy workers sick, because we are made for it. It is almost as if we have a natural knack for dealing with gunky yucky energy few can handle.   This natural resistance to harmful energies could make us rather useful long term if we were accepted more within the energy community. 

The world of energy has a flow, stagnancy is bad, and to keep things flowing something has to take and transmute the gunky stuff back into something useful. 

Tendrils that are attuned to feed can be used like sharp blades much like a scalpel in the  hands of a skilled physician operating on a wound. Notice I said the word SKILLED. Any intrusion in someone's energy can lead to long lasting damage if done incorrectly. 

Since the psychic vampire is instinctively aware of how to draw in energy, they can use their tendrils to hone in on the rot and draw it out by controlling the flow of the energy. 

More useful then you think

Let's say you got someone who has a lot of nasty, gunky energy in their system; how will you heal them? Drain out the gunk and replace it? Good idea, but  how many healers are adapted to handle the gunk naturally? How many are trained to cut through energy systems right into the source of the gunk? How many have the skills and experience to do this with only the slightest of wounds? 

How many will have to put up heavy shields or undergo rigorous grounding/cleansing to even handle such a procedure? Life isn’t always just about putting IN energy, sometimes you also have to drain the poison, cutting out the cancer with the sharpest of tools. 

You see where I am going. A healer + vampire make a great couple. The vampire targets the bad energy, easily cutting right through the energy system, to draw it out, and the healer puts in healing fresh energy and then helps seal the wounds in the energy body.

But for this pairing to work,  the healer has to trust the vampire, and of course the patient has to trust the situation as well. With so many preconceived notions and biases about vampires this isn’t  always so easy.

Additionally, as some say, aftercare matters so, someone (usually the healer side of the coin) will have to check up on the situation to see how things went and if the person is healing up well. 

Two sides of a coin

Some healers will deem vampires as utterly evil, but this is a question of ethics. Is the blade evil for being able to hurt? What defines evil are the choices the wielder of the blade makes. I am a person who believes in ethical feeding, which for me either means feeding from areas, not directly targeting people (i.e. ambient feeding); or from willing donors. Just because I am born with the tools of a hunter doesn’t mean I am automatically bad. The hunter hunts, that is its nature.

Now consider, some people have TOO MUCH energy so they need to off load it. To whom do they offload? This excess energy can be used to heal others, or even to sate the hunger of a psychic vampire.

So why can’t healers work together with vampires? Each using the inherent skills given to them to their fullest potential.  

Consider that there might even be things you learn from listening to those of us who are forced to work with and feed on energy to survive. Again, every person has to decide their own ethics on this. Just like with everyone else, no two psychic vampires are going to be exactly the same, and no two healers will be exactly the same, but by confronting our biases towards psychic vampires, the energy working community as a whole can benefit from cooperation- utilizing both sides of the coin, instead of just the side of the coin you find most appealing. Just as the vultures have their place, so too do we.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Elemental Feeding (or how to munch on trees)

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 9 September 2021

What is Feeding from Elements

Did you know that psy vampires and energy workers can feed from the earth and the trees, or thunderstorms. You might feel giddy around thunderstorms and feel energized. Nature indeed has a lot of energy to offer. And some of that energy can be fed upon. 

 For many psy vampires feeding from nature is a secondary option. Not all vampires can do this, not all psy vampires can do this and the gains are different then feeding from mainly human life energy. It simply is not the same. But it is good having an alternative ready if the worst situation hits. 

During the early phases of Covid with its long lock-downs my human energy resources were dwindling. I would travel by public transport you see, so easy energy! 

 The COVID diet was forced it upon me, meaning munching trees, and I find that it simply couldn’t fully fill the hunger and needs. You survive on it but don’t thrive on it. A glass half full isn’t the right word for it. Trees just don’t fill you up as much. A thunderstorm though can be delicious but the afterglow doesn’t lasts long. Worse when those thunderstorms go by and not over you.

The Hunger

The hunger drives us to seek sustenance, be it through blood or energy. And psy vampires have ways to get energy indirectly, from distance and certain locations. Just go to the right place at the right moment. A bar, a disco, the local super-mall or train-station. Wherever many people share a smaller area for a long time. Energy is around, this is called Ambient Feeding.

Yet in the days of COVID with restricted travel and people working in their own houses where possible such wells have dried up. And even now, in many places life hasn’t started up fully so it is so hard to connect with people. 

About Frequencies

Everything has a frequency, earth has a very slow one, trees got slow ones, thunder has quick ones. And humans have certain frequencies. I would say that vampires have a different frequency then most humans as part of their own nature. Thing is it is easier to pull down frequencies than to raise them. This makes feeding from storms much easier than feeding from trees.    You can feed from trees, but it is a slower thing as the energy moves slower. 

There are methods to use energy constructs to raise the frequency. Or one simply has to be out in nature quite a bit longer. 

Using constructs it works much like a batdetector, an adjusted radio lowers batsound down to our hearing range. 

Another much slower way it so to let the energy get to you, slowly, as nature goes. This takes a much longer time! You probably will need to learn a few new tricks in meditation among the way to get there.

Mostly an alternative

I won’t go all hippie on you, in my eyes nature feeding, the slower ways. Is mostly an alternative to our inner needs for human living energy. Prana, Chi, Ki. That is the stuff. And some things like trees, nature, are too slow to be really a permanent solution. I would more call them a backup if all other options run out. 

Potential for survival, but not thriving. The highs are simply not there. 

Yet if you have to survive you take what you get. 

How To

Many vampires will just enjoy sitting outside, or inside, watching a thunderstorm, a huge rain or other strong weather patterns. Allowing the energy to pour into them. 

But if it is a lower type of energy, like trees and earth, then it takes longer. 

Unless one uses constructs to raise the frequencies. Think bat detector but then the other way around. One has to be out there in nature for a long time, mentally connect with it and let it give you some energy slowly. 

Note: Do not overfeed of specific trees or an area. Nature needs the energy itself to survive. An overfed tree might get sick and die. 


  • How did you deal with Covid and the lock downs so far?
  • Did you find any alternative source of energy to work out for you?
  • Did your need for coffee rise up hugely too?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Simplified Ambient Feeding

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 6 September 2021

Who Am I

I am Masticina Akicta, I woke up to my psy vampirism more then 20 years ago. In that time I had a lot of energy experiences and learned a lot. And got quite some insights into energy. In time reading and energy manipulating became a second nature. Much of what I learned what by experience. 

Now the question, why does this matter? It became obvious that maybe I think too easy about things at time. After all, when I was just 2 years in my awakening I had trouble with shielding, feeding, filtering and so on too. I have through time reached advanced skills levels. But this is for the vampires who just woke up. So, lets simplify things a bit. 

Simple Ways to Feed

We all swim in energy, so the easiest is to go somewhere there is much energy and just soak it in. This will give you good energy and bad energy. And let me tell you that there is a difference in energy. The energy you feed on matters. In quality and effects it can and will have on you. I used to feed in rather dirty but high energy areas. Meaning the energy could and would affect me. 

A lot of young psy vampires know to get energy one is just having to find a fight or maybe causing it. Fights or irritations lead to release of energy and easy food. Or to draw attention from others on other ways. But many of these have a negative name to it. The reason why psy vampires get a bad name. 


If one has a busy party scene in town. Or a shopping mall, maybe a sport place where big plays happen. You don’t even have to like the music, or shopping, or sport. But the energy there is high chance on much free energy out there in the ambiance. 

I used to feed a lot at a dance hall where they had different kinds of feasts. Yummy delicious energy and so much of it you could cycle it. 

Changing where I lived and getting older led me too feed in public areas like train stations. A lot of people rushing in and out, not as yummy but functional. 

Simple Ways of Improve Energy Quality

Energy in public places can be quite dirty. REALLY dirty, or contain things that will affect you badly. You are what you eat! So early on it helps to use some basic tools to improve the energy quality. Even the most basic filter-shield can help take out much of the gunk. Gunk, my word for the yucky energy you don’t want to feed off. As on learned to filter and process things become quite clear, that the syrope like stuff isn’t good food. 

Energy Constructs

First all all, an Energy Construct is something you create to do something for you. Like a shield to keep bad stuff out! Or an energy transmutation machine. To create a construct visualize and will your energy to do something. At first it will be hard, but like muscles energy manipulation will become easier and at a point you’ll be able to use perma shields and highly advanced transmutation systems. 


Transmutation is changing energy A into B. It is treating energy to change it, or do something with it. A basic filter shield won’t require knowledge about this though. But more advanced methods will use transmutation.


Cycling is when you open up your energy system and let the energy pour through you. No filtering, no cleansing, no transmutation, nothing. You and the energy are one. This can be done at big dance parties, rock or metal concerts and so on. It also means you’ll draw into yourself a lot of “crud” and other stuff that WILL affect you. If people use drug at the party, expect to be affected by such too, to a lesser degree. 

It is easy and cheap and if it is safe enough you can quickly refill your needs. At the price of feeling groggy the day after. 

Filtershielding/Filterbox Shielding

A basic shield can be used to force the energy through to block most of the bad energy out. What it bad? That is up to you! Emotions technically can be seen as bad energy. Emotions do add taste to energy and many vampires start out as Negative Energy Feeders. Aka, able to feed upon bad stuff. Some energy is obviously bad and would take work to transmute and turn into useful, and transmutation requires energy! So filtering that out means less work is needed. 

Visualize a box in what energy goes in one way, is pushed through and gets out without said bad things. Filter shielding might require a number of filters on a row, much like how in nature water is filtered and cleaned. 

In nature water goes down into the earth, through a few layers of ground and sand with pebbles and finally pours out much cleaner. 

Think of your box the same, energy goes in top, then goes through a number of filter layers, ending out much cleaner. It might come out like a clear enough quick running syrope. 

Yet just as nature this takes time. So you are probably stuck in the same location for a while as you do this. Train Travel, or bus travel if that is common in your area means you are stuck in an area and got the time. So using slower methods to feed make sense. 

Make sure energy is captured in something, like a cup made of energy, so you can sip from it. And take it slow and enjoy the ride. 

Time and Experience

As you get experience and your gifts awake some things seem ever so easy or obvious. But this depends on the person, there is innate needs and ways to deal with it. And yes it helps to learn things guided. 

In the beginning life is pretty darn harsh though for a psy vampire or a hybrid. Not to mention sanguinary vampires. But those have other teachers. 

My suggestion is to learn basic shielding techniques and use that as crude and basic filters. That way you can decide what energy you feed on and what you won’t. Keep a dairy, find good feeding grounds, and learn to keep track of your own energy levels. So that you feed on time! A dairy is bound to help with that. If required create your own little secret language of signs that you can put aside normal dairy entrances. 

The Fuel-tank

So how do you know how much energy you have? That takes experience. See it as a fuel tank on a car, it only lasts so long. So you need to check its level every once in a while at least. And, if you have a very busy time you might have burned up more energy. 

Learning your energy body will mean you can see ahead when you need to have fed. And keep healthy and sane. 

Personally I can do a pressure test, much like a blood pressure test. I try to compress my energy system, a within a certain range, and I measure its reaction. If it goes very easy it probably means I am running low. If it shows much tension then a lot of energy pours through my internal system and systems should be fine. Another way is to learn to recognize your hunger… 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Basic Beacons

Basic Beacons

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 24-06-2021

What are Beacons

A beacon is a strong energy signature. It forms from inside of you and begins to shine out like a lighthouse. It is like a finger print of your deeper energy systems that shines through the outer layers. And it can be used to find others within your own frequency. Usually people talk about this within the vampire community. But other people have it too. 

More then just Vampires

Usually the vampires talk about the beacon as if it is their own. But that isn’t true, within the VC we simply talk about the beacon as how we can recognize each other and why certain things happen. Like how people react to us or how donors find us.

Witches also seem to have a knack of finding each other. And people gifted with energy too, and dragons, therians, otherkin, it is like an invisible scent that makes two people meet up and send out information to each other. 

Among a world of people who hardly pick up any hints knowing someone is different or part of a certain group you share is very useful. 

From Awakening to Lighthouse

A beacon begins like a little seed, it is what you always where but waiting for you to grow and become. 

In some families things like vampirism, witchcraft, or even otherkin is strong. And a child might be born with a gift. For a while though the child probably shows no sign. Sometimes early on a kid begins to show signs of their energy gifts. And those who know might be able to guide them. Or sometimes fate has it that a child takes longer to fully understand their nature and wakes up. Not all are as lucky.

But once one truly wakes up and learns the depths of their gifts the energy shines like a lighthouse. Calling out to others, to make connections! 

Kin seeks Kinship

Your awoken energy will begin to attract others. Be it others equal to you, or close to you. For instance I might be a vampire and a rabbit-therian, something I can’t deny, that doesn’t means I only attract those. Witches for some odd reason find their way to me too.

No reason to complain, I offer advice and I can learn from their ways. 

Also many vampires will note that people at attracted to them. Maybe not sexually but for some reason want to hang around. While many dragons denote that people are quicker to fear them. They might not be able to tell WHY but they will be effected by it! 


In a way the beacon is like the tag on a new fridge you plan to buy. With information about the efficiency, energy use, size and storage etc. 

The Beacon is an invisible energy based tagging system that helps one find one like one self or find someone for another reason. 

Through shielding we might be temporarily adjust how the energy world sees us. But in the end our identity is written on us. 

Which leads in our lives to many interesting experiences and meetings. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Ambient Feeding 1

Ambient Feeding 

Author: Masticina Akicta

Date: 21 June 2021

Different Types of Psychic Feeding

Lets work out the basics, Psychic vampires need to feed. There are different ways to feed, from donors to surroundings and many different sources. Yet, human life energy is what most if not all psychic vampires know the best. It is just on that right frequency.

Human life energy can be found in many places, donors and of of course areas a lot of humans frequent or get stuck in. 

In the most basic terms there are a few main ways to feed psychically

  1. Touch, touching the donor.
  2. Distance Feeding, connecting with a donor through tendrils.
  3. Astrally, connecting with someone through their energy signature.
  4. Sexually, hello Succubus. A very interactive form of touch feeding.
  5. Ambient, hovering in the left over energy from an area.

Ambient feeding can be used to draw from nature, storms and other things. Ambient is the most distant, though astral feeding can be seen as distant too. Ambient is the world of energy around you. 

What is Ambient Feeding

You probably the term Ambient Feeding or Filter Feeding. It means taking energy from around you into yourself. Everything that lives has energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, whatever its name. And like energy fields it can leave out into the world as they pass. 

Direct feeding by touch or distance by tendrils does connects you with a source for a much easier and cleaner way to feed. 

But not all have donors or don’t always have access to their donors. During Covid many of use learned that all to well! 

So Ambient Feeding is taking up the energy that is left by others, energy is all around us, people leave it as they move through areas or amass in churches, rock concerts, train stations and so on. The quality of the energy depends on the area, a disco tends to have, depending on the crowd, very happy hyped energy! While some parties will have a lot of people using drugs and that will influence the energy too. 

The worst places to feed probably would be the DMV. 

The thing is with a donor you have much more control what kind of energy you get. With ambient though you hover in a lot of stuff you won’t like. And though vampires can handle some bad energy it takes time to burn through and treat. 

Every location has different levels of energy, I remember that before Covid the train station had energy enough to top up 3 vampires. During C, I got quite hungry, Even at the points I could travel, human movement was so little, there just was no food. It slowly is returning to semi normal again. Yum, food! 

How to Ambient Feed

Though to many it comes naturally once the basics are understood there are a few different ways one can feed. One can open their energy system and just like a black hole draw energy in. Or one could draw the energy to them through tendril's and later advanced energy systems. 

 Simply begins means going out to places with a lot of energy, public transport hallways, disco’s, rock concerts and so on. Then just drawing the energy close to you and let your body feed. Trusting my vampiric nature to deal with the after effects. Which wasn’t always too nice. Again the energy isn’t very clean. 

Unfiltered feeding has side effects! You also feed on the emotions of people and just ask the average empath how “fun” that can be. I remember feeding at my local disco, venting wide open and feeling all that emotions and energy pour through me. Almost like a drug high. I loved it! 

Young vampires ought to first get a handle on basic feeding methods, the experiences they get from such and learn the ways of energy. Your vampiric energy body can handle quite a bit, but don’t be too crazy. Using shields as filters will help a lot with getter a handle on a healthy way to feed. 

Shielding and Filtering

One of the first steps going from unprotected feeding to protected is by using shielding. You will the energy to do something. In this specific case to envelop you and only allow certain energies through. Shielding itself is quite the topic, how to do it and how to make it efficient. There are many layers to it, I know bad joke! 

But think of it in the most basic terms as standing in a see through ball. And you can adjust just what can pass and what can’t pass. Apply your understanding what you want to feed off and what not and adjust the shield to such. Then draw the energy into you. What happens is that the shield will bounce off the energy you don’t desire.

To theoretical? Lets say that someone in your house is fighting. You don’t choose your own family after all! What if you could use a shield to stop the negative emotions and pain from coming into your energy zone? What if you could will the bad energy to stay out of your room? Empath’s approve of that! Now apply that filter instead into use of feeding. 

Theory into Practice

So you are in an American shopping mall, great area to feed in most situations. A lot of people passing through, leaving their energy behind. A lot of slowness too as many hang around for quite a while with all the little shops and things there are too do. There is a lot of energy. Free unclaimed energy. For me this would be the train station, I don’t mind hanging around there for 25 minutes in a busy station. 

In short FREE energy. Thrown away, nobody has a claim on it anymore, just waiting to slowly be absorbed by earth. In short, dinner!

So there you are, just visiting, hanging out on a seat watching the people pass as you draw that energy to you. Now I hope that you are willing to put up some filtering as the energy is dirty, very dirty. But you draw that energy too you and let your nature do the rest, drawing that energy into you. Your tendrils, extensions of your energy body, can be used to guide the drawing of energy. You can use tendrils to feel the energy of the area and guide it down to you. Take your time, feed as slow or quick as make sense and enjoy the view. You might notice that your energy sensitivity goes pretty wild as you now connect with the ambient energy around you. You might see energy where most people see dullness. 

Again take it slowly and just feed, relax, trust your vampirism to be smart enough but keep an eye out. Dirty energy means it will have to burn it off. For instance burn off emotions, you might feel hyper after a good fed for a short while. 

Now after feeding take good care of yourself good. Burn off what is too much or has to get out and give yourself at least one day to heal up. 

Word Meanings

Tendrils; part of the vampires energy system, they can be moved around at the will of the vampire. Energy Sensitives might see them as “weird hairs” on the aura at rest. They can elongate and reach many places and far. Are sensitive and give you insight into the energy of the area. 

Astral; A realm of energy where time and space work very different and things can connect. 

Energy Signature; Everything alive has an energy signature. It is like your passport in many ways. The key to find you and connect to you.

Shield; much as expected a wall between you and something else. In the feeding case one that lets certain things through and keeps other things out.

Empath; Someone who feels the feelings of the others too. Meaning they are never to sure if what they feel is theirs or someone else feelings!