Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Vampire Submarine [or how to be a sneaky bastard]

The Vampire Submarine
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 29 September 2019

Where is Carmen Sandiego

You are busy in the house having snuck into the kitchen for a snack. And suddenly you are caught in the act, you didn’t hear them coming, you didn’t feel them coming. Suddenly they just were in the kitchen and you are caught red-handed.
Or maybe it is that friend that you never know sure if they are around. The one that can sneak upon you without noticing. The one that can stand in the group and you didn’t even knew.
That is one of the gifts of the ninja. And many vampires have such gift if they are willing to work on it. The seeming ability to camouflage. No, not like Predator going invisible but many can change the energy around them to disappear of the radar in many peoples heads. As long as they are silent enough in walking they are a lot harder to spot. Sure you should spot them if they stand alone outside, but they can easily slide through groups mostly unnoticed. Even people who shouldn’t. It is just as if they weren’t there at all, and suddenly they are. Almost scary.
So what it is all about?

The Radar in your head

True, there is no radio beam equipment in your head but quite a few people at least to a point are more sensitive then they claim to be. And at least have a faint functional sense of energy. You know that feeling, is anybody here from horror movies. That feeling that you are watched, just to notice kitty dribble in the kitchen with that look on his or her face.
Most just tend not to listen to it and trust their eyes and ears more then anything. Others are a lot more sensitive and can pick up things that others don’t. Trusting your gut-feelings is not something we learn in school and from society. At least most of society, things are rather straight set after all. And yet there is something older that still is there, that science might not be able to explain yet. A gift, a gift of noticing others around. A gift of feeling things others don’t seem to. Like that sixth sense that whispers to you, but everybody else calls crazy for having.

Not True Invisibility

This is not true invisibility though, one has to understand. It is more like how cats move through the house mostly unnoticed. Even if one can lower their energy output or mask it, if one stomps through the house like a 4 year old who didn’t get candy, one still gets noticed. If walks alone in an empty area, you’ll be noticed, you gotta use your surrounding and learn the way of the Ninja. It is how you act, how you move, how you know to take the right position.
So, as much as you can change your energy and so dissolve into the background. You still will be seen and heard. So, be smart, it isn’t a perfect way.

It is all about energy

Now we got that down, you should understand that people who can manipulate energy can adjust their own. Meaning that they can both can make themselves more felt, or the other way around dissolve into the background.
In the war with submarines the magic trick is not to be found. Submarines are by nature stealthy killers and hunters. Like cats, once you see them, it is to late. Submarines have special coatings that absorb sound-waves to fight against sonar. But also are very hard to see with naked eye with their colors.
Animals camouflage themselves, so many creatures can only be found if you know how they look like their surroundings. And hence where to find them. The masters of it, the chameleon on the lands and the octopus in the water. The octopus can even go so far to adjust its texture to look like the surrounding.
So if you think about it, it isn’t too hard. It is very natural, adjusting the outer layers of your energy to be a camouflage like the surrounding, while absorbing incoming energy like the special coating on submarines. And poof you are gone of that radar.
And trust us, it works pretty good, it can make people look right over you. But only if you play it smart.

Can you teach me?

Look teaching people basics like shielding and grounding is one. Most people who are capable of some energy works can with training reach places. But, the advanced levels of inner knowledge you require to make it work doesn’t makes this a 6 week retreat where you can just learn tricks like this. Hell, I am sure those 2 week yoga camps they sell can’t teach you that much either. Maybe the utter basics.
So, until you begin to understand energy none can show you how the tricks work. And at the point you understand energy, you can find it out yourself. It isn’t that hard IF you can do certain things.
If I am put on a sports field against a pro-runner I will lose.
If I am tasked to look up local tax law, the local tax agency will be a lot quicker.
It is partly knowledge but a lot of experience. And the experience is something that grows like a plant on a vine. It requires time. So, first learn the basics! Shielding and Grounding. And I already posted about that. Learning to adjust energy patterns, feeling them, making tiny changes and before you know you are less obvious.