Saturday, February 22, 2020

Who are you within the vampire community

Who are you within the community

Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 23 February 2020

Different Roles within the community

People are different, they are good and bad in different things and hence float to different things within our community. Nobody is good at everything and not everyone even decided it was there role but ended up with it. You’ll meet a lot of different types of people within the community, from those that are very active to those that show up to offer their insight only on certain matters. 
We are a clan a cats, we don’t always agree. Actually we don’t agree a lot. But we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

The Leader

The leader, either by desire or just pushed into the seat is a person people look up to. Being active within the community and in connection with others. Their job is to keep the community from falling apart. And within a clan of cats, that is quite a job. They obviously need to have the charisma and the ideas that pull others in. Not everybody is born to be a leader. But may will join in a cause once a leader has shown up. 

The Media Supporters

The media supporters are the vampires well known by the media. They are not always leaders themselves and their viewpoints might not always be liked. But the Media knows when and where to find them if needed. And yes more and more vampires are showing up in the Media. And no not all wear fangs, white make-up and red lenses. Some are very like anybody else in how they present themselves. There have been a few pieces that are very mundane to read. Not offering maybe the juicyness the Media at times desires.


Our community wouldn’t have gotten far without the influence writers had, good or bad. Not only did the fictional vampire books draw attention to our communities but much more important the writers that wrote guides for psychic vampires and sang’s. A few books are even written from outside but with respect to our community and members. And of course some less respectful.
These non fictional books offer great guides for young vampires to deal with the first hurdles and many are great to show the outside world about our lives and communities. 


The teachers job is to make sure the students safely understand the basics and improve how they do things. Helping their chances to make life for themselves and others a lot better. There are certain basics that with the right training a young vampire learns much quicker and much safer. 
For instance how to safely get blood from a donor and how to store it safely. How to deal with psychic vampirism, sensitivities to sunlight and that gnawing hunger inside. And the oddities many of us end up with. 
And of course donor aftercare. All these things need to be taught. 


A student has found the community, the books and hopefully a group willing to teach them. And hopefully can learn the teachings of safety, ethics and respect. All of us have been here and it is our job to aid those who are here are the moment.
Depending on the type of vampire a student will need different information and support.  


The researchers can both be outsiders and insiders. From the outside they tend to be psychology or sociology students/professors that want insight in our world. And within the measure of safety and respect are given.
From the inside there are projects that help our members on the long term. From statistical research showing just how normal we are as a group and what needs might follow. From research and questionairies to what the community should offer its members. Down to research in how to keep blood fresher long for sanguinary vampires.
In short a lot of hard work is done to make sure our community improves and gets a lot smarter. 


The humble or not so humble visitor. Not a vampire nor an outsider probing into our community for research reasons or Media Support.
But a visitor, that finds vampires really interesting and wants to learn more. Many come in, ask a few questions, and walk out. There are always visitors in the public groups. Always! Some are trolls and others become strong allies or at least have respect for the time and energy we spend offering insight.

Mental Support Providers

Though true mental support should be done by local organizations. A lot of vampires who have need to talk about things find the public community rather harsh. For them more semi private groups exist that offer a listening non-judging ear. Lead by those who have insight in mental issues.
I repeat, true mental support should come locally by professionals. But these Mental Support Providers are there to offer members of our society a step in between of being part of the Greater Vampire Community in a safer surrounding. And a step to getting professional help outside out community when and where needed. The mental support people have a deeper understanding of the issues, many times not directly connected to vampirism, that need specific ways to deal with. 

Technical Support

Where would we be without our websites, forums, discord servers and more. A lot less organized. Many of the groups employ someone not directly connected to the vampire community. You got a technical problem, ask ahead. Don’t come to them to complain about inter-vampire politics.
They earn a place here since they are the unsung heroes of keeping the technical side of our communities afloat.
So be nice to your webmaster, discord admin or the ones running the groups. Many times it can be a troubling job trying to fix whatever is broken again. And many of the leaders do not have the skills required for such. 

Multiple Roles

Many of us are more then one thing. So obviously we take multiple roles. Some of are both Researchers and Teachers, or Writers and Teachers. Or do Media Support and write. Many are overlapping. We grow and change, and find ourselves in different seats. The thing is, all of us have things to offer to the community. 


Co-operation is the key to success. Since none of us is everything on the list we need each other for our own specialties. And hence we need to work together. 
When multiple people gather together, it is inevitable that we pick the roles that fit us the best if we are allowed. Like anywhere else it is a lot of tiny gears spinning that make things work. And there is nothing wrong with knowing just what gear you are and just how you offer support to the community and its people.