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Dealing with the Sun

Dealing with the Sun
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 01-06-2019

Vampires and Sun

Lets first open the doors with some basics, vampires don’t burn into ashes up in the sun. At least not the human living vampires, I haven’t seen any of the movie vampires around. It is just that most of us don’t like sun, and some of us even have a medical condition called Porphyria[1] in what acute troubles can rise due to solar exposition. I leave it up to the websites just to tell you. And even better a friend has a blog about her experiences with it[2], she has a lot to tell.

No, even if the human living vampire doesn’t get skin issues sun just feels wrong, warm, bad. And that is a reason many of use wear concealing clothes even in the summer, even those who can get a color, and yes that also include people who don’t burn like a red lobster. It just feels bad, tingling, warm and wrong on the skin.

Even as a young child I knew it felt wrong. When we did go to the beach, that is what you did as a family, I would dig a big hole and hide in there with the towel to lay on as a cover. In time we usually had something with us to provide shade, because I didn’t like the sun, even as a young child. And worse I was half blind in the sun, so that didn’t help much either. I was the kind of kid that liked to play inside and read books inside, in the shadow.

As I grew older I learned some skills to help me out. Mostly that suncream can help a bit and the right types of clothing. That and sunglasses are not a luxury. And there is some kind of full bright/full range light the dentist uses that has the same effect. I can wear sunglasses at the dentist, yes.

That aside, I and the sun were never friends. Nor the heat of a hot summer. Guh, it just feels wrong, I enjoy those cloudy days that most despise. Because at least I can see easier and feel better.


Luckily we live in an age where many solutions exist. We got a lot of methods to fix our little issues. Or big issues, quite a few of us don’t like to be outside too long anyway in the hot sun so will enjoy time inside. And might garden later in the evening when the sun is lower. Limit how long we are outside, if and were possible and even then use the different solutions.

The Internet/Weather Reports

Check your daily UV levels for the area. Remember UV levels don’t give an S about cloud cover. So even on cloudy days, it might have a high level of UV. In my country UV level, 7 is about the most we currently get. I say currently because these days everything changes. And yes I have seen places like Australia where it hits UV 12, which requires everybody to use suncream.


It is almost magical, a lotion you put on your skin and you can stay longer outside. It feels a lot better than just the heat of the sun directly on the skin, and it does works but one has to be smart and buy sun-lotion that is wide-band. That means it blocks both UV-A and UV-B!
There can be differences in how well sun-lotion blocks UV-A and UV-B. But buying a wideband will definitely help you a few steps up compared to cream that is made to mostly block UV-A. Also, make sure you apply it thick enough and replenish where needed. It can’t hurt to have a small bottle of Sun-lotion in your bag, just for on the road.
You might get people complaining about how white you still look, let them. That is them, you gotta take care of yourself!


I told you about how sensitive our eyes can be right? Well, sunglasses are the cure, you’ll end up wearing them earlier than most people. The good news, it is pretty normal to wear sunglasses for some people so we don’t look too odd. Now, good sunglasses matter, you don’t have to pay $500 for a set but more then the plastic $5 that claim to block UV is a good idea. Oh, and it helps if it is the type that has a UV-blocking function. And isn’t super cheap so it actually blocks most if not all of it. Chinese Plastic Crap still is crap.[3]

Covering Clothes

Breathing but covering clothes are going to be your friend. If you think I will go in the middle of the summer in shorts out there and sandals you are crazy. I will still have some level of cover even if I have to stay cool and show off some skin. That nice big hat, silly as it looks, will keep much of the sun away from you. I know big hats look silly at first but if you can rock the look and make it your own it is awesome. That or maybe a smaller type of hat, something that offers some protection.

Problem Solving

Now that sounds simple, but the reality isn’t so simple, just read the other blog[2]. Trying to get people to understand you like it inside and in the shadows is very hard.

Worse, depending on how a school is built and ran you might be in some real issues. Look, vampirism can’t be determined by a doctor, you can’t get on paper. “He/She is a vampire and needs shadow and inside time.” No, you have to realize your problems might be too vague to be given attention. All of us have had to use tricks and persuasion.

There always will be situations where you have to brave the sun in, sports days at schools, and the weather is lovely. That trip to the beach, summer camp and if you are older, work and study. There will be times you are stuck out there in the sun and have to deal with all it entails. And sadly I can’t really solve all the problems with a simple blog. But at least, this should give you something to think about.

Find little solutions here and there. Sometimes you are F-ed by the situation, sometimes you can find yourself a bit of shadow or stay inside. And sometimes you are in control of what happens.

As much as my plants love sun and water, I stick with staying inside. Till it is shady enough and colder in the night so I can give them water.


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