Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Hunger and Vamping Out

The Hunger
Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 31 October 2019

Intro in the Hunger

Known as the Hunger or the Thirst. It is something I rather not talk about but well, if you are one of us, you’ll meet it one day. And it isn’t a nice meeting. Nor by your own choice, mere by your own nature and dire times.
I have some theories about how it works but, better than educated guesses they are not. But out of my own experiences and that of my friends I know more then I want to know about it. This won’t be a fun ride.

From the Depth

Survival, everything alive tries to survive. One way or another. Get food, get sleep, get safety and if possible mate. Such simple systems and part of us all. You would be surprised what you can do if the situation leads to it. So how does this work with vampires, well, vampires need to feed. That is simple so part of the vampires survival is feeding and getting enough energy. And that is the hunger, as long as you are well fed it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you don’t or can’t feed and shit hits the fan, welcome to a horrible time indeed. If your survival kicks in high gear because you didn’t feed, you’ll find out quickly.


Put enough pressure on anybody and they become short off, ready to fight and will make mistakes. They will act in ways they usually wouldn’t. As the vampire doesn’t feed or can’t feed, and their energy crashes lower that something in them wakes up to find the food they so need. To survive, and it isn’t a pretty sight. It affects your body and mind, making you rash and in many ways more predatory and animalistic. Breathing goes faster, your skin feels thinner, your brain doesn’t seem to be willing to do what you want it to do. You feel weaker and are a lot more foul-tempered or can’t concentrate. Things are going pretty badly. And then it hits, you feel something even worse rising up. You will Vamp Out or twoof soon. And you are in a world of pain.


Vamping Out or Twoofing is when the hunger strikes so strong that it can recoil your body, make you feel pain, keep you down, raise your heartbeat and make your mind only wish for one thing. FOOD! And not the humankind! But blood or energy. As it is part of your survival you are going through a ride through hell. Your body tension, breath rising, it feels as if you are tensing to strike and hunt. And you might just get a blackout. And who knows what happens during this. Or what friend got a bit to close…
Hell, even for partners or friends of vampires who have seen it happen once to their friend/love. Well… it ain’t pretty. We tend not to talk about this to much outside our community for obvious reasons. Shrinks would just love to dig into stuff like this. Though no pill has a cure for this, the hunger, the beastial desires, our bodies shifting into gear to fight, to attack, to feed.
And trust me, others can see it in us. In our eyes, everything about us.

Is there any solution?

Yes, feed regularly, and if you can’t get the good stuff to find alternatives. The sanguinary will enjoy a good steak with its lovely juices still intact. It won’t be real blood or of value but it will abate The Hunger for a while.
If for whatever reason you are in a situation you can’t feed, you might have friends within the community that can aid you. One living close enough by, be it through the blood of a trusted donor or energy for the energy vampires.
You would be surprised how quickly vampires can perk up after feeding.

Not to mention you’ll fee so much better is so many ways after a good feeding. You’ll heal faster, everything goes well again and you even can do more than you ever expected. Just remember that something living inside of you, hungering and seeking food. It will be in there, waiting for you to forget and not feed in time.

So keep an eye on your energy, your hunger and how you react. How do you feel when filled up with the good stuff, and how do you feel and react when you are low. Learn the early warning signs and adjust to it. And if you got buddies/spouses that know what you are, have them keep an eye on you too. Just saying, it helps to have outside help.

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