Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year 2019/2020

A Tiny Beginning

I wonder if I am ever going to write a book that sells. Definitely about vampirism, it is not a topic that is easy to put down on paper for it is an experience that is different for all of us, even if it has common causes. That and there is already some really good written stuff. The thing is, with stuff like vampirism a lot of lessons are keyed, I can’t explain or show it all… only vampires and energy sensitives truly understand what the words mean.
I began this blog to share little lessons, little insights, things that would help awakening vampires.
And though some months only had one post, some very late at it, and the views are expected for an unknown blog. The vampire community is not that big after all. I am happy with what it brought.

What this year Brought

First of all it seemed to have helped a few vampires. Given them ideas and made people interested in vampirism. I usually get an idea for a post around the time that someone needs something. Or I pick up that something can be connected. My latest piece, a vampire as healer for instance shows how a vampire isn’t always an evil and negative thing. 
The first postings were about grounding and shielding, very basic tools for any energy gifted person and more so for the vampire.
And it has drawn in a few people who were willing to help, with ideas, to proof read or were drawn to them.
So I think, for a simple blog like this, it done well. It has done its job.

What I hope next year to bring

I still am working on the idea to do small podcasts, a video maybe. Personally I love podcasts, great during travel, and a real vampire podcast would be pretty nice. Now I am just a simple person so, there will be a lot to learn. But hopefully this will work out and I get some content like that out.

Also I hope to work more with others. Get them as proof readers, do cross-blog postings when we talk about things that require more then one insight. And so on.

2020 seems to a year where such growth is possible.

Happy New Year wished and lets hope that 2020 will be a great year ahead.

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