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The Vampire as a healer

The Vampire as a Healer

Author: Masticina Akicta
Date: 16-12-2019
With suggestions by: Xyenaq

The Vampire as a Healer

Quite an unorthodox position right, aren’t vampires all about taking? Aren’t they evil? True, the nature of the vampire requires them to take, but that doesn’t mean they always are the bad guys. See, there are different types of energy and some of it is good for people and some of it is bad.
And like poison in someone or rotting flesh… as long as it is in there it is dangerous. But very few would safely be able to draw it out… adding healing energy only does so much and it is a slow way to do things.
But what if there was someone that could draw the bad energy out and survive it?

Lets talk about Energy

As alluded to above, there is energy out there that can harm out or heal you. And even too much healing will be bad for you.. Stuff that makes one healthy and stuff that makes one sick. Energy in different balances and that at times can be very useful, and sometimes it is not very nice. Stuff that stays around when you are long in a bad location or among people who cause a lot of trouble.
Lightworkers might see it as a dark heavy energy. And each of us will pick up some negative energy as we go through the day. But usually we get rid of it… usually.
But if someone is very spiritually hurt or lives in a situation where there is very little positive to go. Where there is a lot of spiritual poison going around. Where they are mentally, physically and spiritually hurt… the nasty energy can grow and grow and grow. With so little light and so much bad… it does gets worse.
At a point, a person might have a lot of bad energy in them, a lot of poison!

Psychic Vampire Energy Transmutation

Here is where the psychic vampire, the much feared being comes in. Many energy workers… don’t like getting close to the poison. And drawing it out and handling it can make them also sick. This to a point also goes for the psychic vampire, such is true.
But a psychic vampire can handle bad energy a lot better. Many psychic vampires can easily feed on bad energy. It is as if they have an Iron Stomach for the stuff. They can naturally transmute or treat the bad energy in ways to make it clean and usable. At least to them and with the right mind also to others.
The ability to purify energy comes natural to a psychic vampire. At least one with a few years of energy training, be it self trained or not.
What I am saying is, that what poisons others, can much safer be handled by vampires who are used to negative energies. The Yin and Yang, both sides of creation, light and shadow. Call it what you want, if you got a really bad case you need someone that can cut the rot out of the wound. A psychic vampire with enough experience might just be the doctor you are looking for.

In and Out

As written above, just trying to slowly replace bad energy with good can take a long while. So… this is where the vampire comes in. They, being able to survive a lot of bad energy, can draw out and unblock the patients a lot safer.  Such can get the energy flowing again and make place for fresh new rejuvenating energy. They even can transmute part of the bad energy into clean clear energy. It is of course, for the safety of the person, and healers a process that can’t go too fast. Transmutation is not a simple process after all.
But I know it has been done before. And it works!


And spoken about that word, transmutation, changing A into B. If there is something trained psychic vampires can is taking energy in one state and changing it into another. To some it comes as if it is inborn, to others they require some training and tricks. But many psychic vampires can put energy in A and change it into another getting out of B.
In the above case, draining the bad energy and working on the energy in such a way that it is harmless in the end. Through an adjusted way of filter feeding.
To the point that the energy might not even enter you but it dealt with in an external box you create for it. An energy device made for one cause… take in energy, filter and cleanse, burn off the negative stuff and release the cleaner energy. And a tip: hooking it up so it feeds itself. Some of the energy is burns/uses will keep it working.


So now you have the theory down. How to get it in practice? First of all you need to find energy workers who are neutral to vampires. Second of all they need to understand our seemingly natural abilities and just what it can mean. And of course it requires the one situation that there is a patient so poisoned by nasty energy that this healing method is faster then As usual.
Also for the sake of the patient don’t go too fast at it. Opening energy flows can cause a lot of sudden pain, mental pain and memories to flow out. And it should be obvious that patients who get wounds uncovered need the right mental support too.
This is also why I highly suggest co-operation. Both the patient needs to know what is going to happen as the others.

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